Converting Registered user to Business user: Mobile OTP not received

Rahul (Director) (7 Points)

22 September 2023  

Hi all,

Need your urgent help, with the MCA v3 portal, which seems to be uncharted waters. Was getting the mandatory audit forms submitted, incl ADT1, by the CS.

However, as a pre-requisite, the registered user for either of the directors have to be updated to Business user, to file the forms. While doing the same it is asking for the roles for the conversion, where upon choosing "Director/Designated partner", it is asking for the DN. The problem starts here....upon entering the approved and "Active" DIN, of either of the partners, it is looking to send an OTP to boht the email address and mobile number for confirmation. While I am receiving the OTP via email, I am NOT RECEIVING the mobile OTP ever!! This problem is with me for the last 3 months now, and I am defaulting on all compiance issues due to this. 

Have confirmed the mobile number for both the directors were provided correctly. Also strangely, the same issue is happening for both the mobile numbers for both the irectors in the company.

Need suggestion how I can resolve this persistent issue please.