Convert Amount to Hindi Words in Excel-2000+

Shailesh (accounts & Excel VBA) (342 Points)

08 March 2009  

Download attached addon for converting amount to Hindi words.

Rupees in Hindi Words by Shailesh

e.g. 20,22,002/- to रुपये बीस लाख बाइस हज़ार दो मात्र

This is an Automation addins named rsinhindiword.dll 
(File Size 56 KB),you can install it via 
Tools>Addins>Automation>Browse>Select this dll from your folder.
When installed you can use the function 
rsinhindiwds(Cell Reference) to convert amount into 
Indian Rupees in Hindi Words. 
Thanks to Ashok Trehan for providing Hindi Fonts


For latest updated version visit below page