Confusion in bank a/c validation in new e-filing portal

Ramachandran S (Chartered Accountant) (606 Points)

16 June 2021  

In the new e-filing portal, in my profile section, my two bank accounts are described as “Validated”. The validation was done only in the old portal. I have selected first bank account for ‘refund’. There is a tab ‘Failed bank accounts’ showing 1 number (though both the accounts have been described as validated). On clicking the tab Failed bank accounts’, the second bank a/c (not selected for refund) appears. My question is even though both accounts are described as ‘Validated’, why one account (not selected for refund) appears under ‘Failed bank a/c’? It is also mentioned that "Validation failed accounts can be viewed under 'Failed bank accounts' tab". What should I do? I have not yet filed return for A.Y 2021-22, since, utility for ITR-3 is yet to be activated.