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 32 Replies


Kunal (Risk Analyst)     22 January 2012

I myself have studied from Dinesh Madan n scored 62.....BUT i hv a lot abt MANISH VALECHA's memory edition book...so i wud suggest u to go for d same

Kunal (Risk Analyst)     22 January 2012

*but i hv heard a lot Sorry for the typing err in abv post

ravi_ (article -bonded labour- trainee)     22 January 2012

from my experience i would suggest 

practice manual is useless as it does not cover whole content, in some chapters not even 30% of syllabus is covered

dinesh madan and others- these books present everything in lucid n easy language but they do not cover whole syllabus, but the far more important thing against these books is that they change/convert the language of headings, and in ISCA headings are the most important thing. esp. main headings, as there are many topics whose meaning is almost same but the points within those topics are very different. i am not able to recall any examples but believe me this is a big problem with these books.

I would recommend- read only study material, read it as many times as possible(3,4,5,6...) mug up headings and also remember the exact topic to which those heading belong.

M. Valecha can help you in remembring the headings but do not try to remember all the codes given as it will create more confusion as there are hundreds of small small topics in isca.

one more thing that valecha may help you to figure out is which questions are of 8 marks and which one can not be asked for more than 4 or 5 marks.

in every ques there first part is of 8 marks and the other 2 are of 4 marks.

give more stress in mugging up the headings of 8 marks questions.

ex. there are topics with 10 or more sub headings, these are the 8 marks question and those with 5 or7 or maybe 9 headings can be asked at most for 5 marks.

word of caution- do not depend fully on valecha as you can not survive on vitamin capsules one needs real food, here capsules is valecha's book (as only headings are given) and real food is study mat.

never ever start isca from chapter no. 3 which is Control objectives, this is the leanthiest and most difficult one, first complete IT act., ERP, BCP, 1st chapter, security policy. then complete SDLC and others. there is one more chapter, i think with "audit" in its name, this chapter relates to COBIT CoCo etc. leave this chapter, simply leave this chapter, i am writing it again, leave this chapter, this one is impossible to learn unless you are exceptionally good at mugging up.

if you dont have much time then in the chapter of control objectives you can leave the middle 50-60 pages which relates to' controls applicable on SDLC' and ends when topic of encryption start.

remember the sections of IT act.

try to remember the words used by study material for headings.

dont focus on 'learning by understanding' but simply 'learning by reading as many times as time may allow you'.

what i have come to understand  is that our current president or BOS chairman or whoever is responsible for setting the papers are very rational people, they are focusing on concepts and understanding in subjects like DT, Cost, Law etc. in ISCA straight questions are asked but what gets confusing is remembring the sub headings of the asked question and for that there is only one technique ie. mug the S*** out of ISCA. 

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RAVI TEJA S (student)     22 January 2012

Ravi thanks for your post. Wat you told is Absolutely correct:) friends follow his words blindly. Nothing more we can do about isca:) all the best
CA Saagar K

CA Saagar K (student)     22 January 2012

Padhuka with Practice Manual is the best way...............

CA. Rishabh

CA. Rishabh (Professional)     23 January 2012


rahul (Chartered Accountant and CS Prof.)     23 January 2012

ICAI study mat is the best for good score in ISCA, but is almost impossible to remember entire study mat.  What u carry in exam is only keywords and your understanding about the subject, Manish Valechha is short version of study mat he also added examples, memory codes and many other features that make learning of ISCA easy.  it is simply a roadmap for studying ISCA well. Whatever u study from the book u can remember and produce in the exam with the accuracy.  This book is the best for exam preparation. 
I have studied ISCA from this book and from study mat..  also checked Nov 11 examination paper,  the book is complete in all respects. If you are reading this subject for the first time u can read this book with study mat  find additional notes (however I could not get much more from the study mat) but after that u must refer this book along with practice manual ..

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Sriansh N.

Sriansh N. (CA Final (Group II Cleared))     23 January 2012

Where can i get this vitamin capsule for isca (valecha ISCA book) in mumbai,

waiting for the reply..

reply asap i also my friends need this book... which bookshop ?

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Keerhigan (article)     23 January 2012

Originally posted by : CA Saagar Khatavkar

Padhuka with Practice Manual is the best way...............

You will not be able to complete this subject if you use this combination.


Well i purchased devang dalal book but never studied from that.book., after one reading i rejected that book this book is not suitable for exam better to study forrm icai study mat. 
 only one book seller (andheri books emporium)  in mumbai is recommending this book becouse they are the publisher of the book, just to sell their stock..

 i m now planning to study frm valecha isca book. everyone using this valecha book is of the opinion that one will never fail in isca if  he/she study from m valecha book, all are getting result from the book. 
 lets see ...... !!!!           ............   i will get it soon.

Arun S

Arun S (CA Final)     23 January 2012

Mr.Keerhigan - do not ignore Devang Dalal book. Bcoz it uses everything as same as institute with memory codes. So reading Dalal is like reading Institute material with better presentation. Add Manish Valechha to it. I got 67 in ISCA using this combo. Practice manual n rtps are must for every subject so i'm not mentioning that here.

CA Akhil Kumar Mittal

CA Akhil Kumar Mittal (B.Com(h), SRCC )     23 January 2012

My request to you is see the books & now then see which book u cn study......i prepared my own notes including module & other books...whn is ur attempt?

Keerhigan (article)     23 January 2012

Yes, both books are mnemonic based dalal has used the term ‘key’ ………and …. manish valechha has used ‘memory codes’… But valechha is more understandable and easy. My friends scored well in November 11 in ISCA by using Valechha plus PM alone. Anyway thanks aun for your suggestions i will use both.

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