complaint against principal to Instt.

I want an advice about complaining against the principal to our Institute.

My principal used me in his/her instt election for more than 6 months and gave no professional work and not now also. He is just exploiting me for giving very few hundreds as stipend. I want to complain against him to instt and if no action taken as he is sitting on very powerful position of instt I am planning to move to Delhi High Court.

I am weeping for the last 1 year and now I want to leave CA and to teach him/her a lesson that articles are not meant to be exploited.


Plz advice what to do.

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CA in service

Is ur articleship already over and has he signed ur form 103? If u wanna leave this course, then only go for complaint. Rest assured; even that guy was an ordinary CA; then icai tumare gan*d marte. Do u have any proof he used to exploit you. Better u have proofs like sound, videos of that CA shouting at you, something like that. If he has paid u money as stipulated by icai; then he is ok. U can show ur bank statement, Contact india tv to help u
CA-CWA in industry

india tv :D


well jose is right 

since all council knws nxt year they will again have to lick the feets of such ca's they wont take any action against ur ca

so better u shud terminate ur articleship under him

and after 45 days get registered under a new ca ( in this way transfer is possible)

CA in service

eavi bro; i have one more idea. Do "garba andolan" like daya tapukepapa gada. :p in front of ur ca's office. worst luck is to do articleship under office bearers.

thanks for suggestions but I have proper proofs and if instt does not hear I will move to delhi high court making aware the court wat anomaly in the name of articleship is going on in the CA course.

Is it permissible for CAs to entrust campaign work of instt elections.I think it is infringment of code of conduct for imparting training.

Is it possible to take termination and get registered under new principal in the same state itself after 45 days.means not 50 kms far condition fulfilled.

CA in service

Yes; as per court u will be held right. You are there to get training in tax,accounts and audit and not how to be future netaa. U can ask high court to order icai to allow u to continue training under new CA in delhi

hey u can not do anything. because ca is so smart that he will never leave any proofs. So ultimately u will be looser. And as per ur post he was active in election of ICAi so surely he has high contacts. So rather to spoil ur career i advise u to take transfer BUT TRANSFER IS STILL NOT ALLOW.

Manager (Advance)

This is a brutal reality of this course.

Well, complaining to ICAI will not do anything better, I can say it with my personal experience.

Student Final

If you have proof and you are going to leave CA, you must make a complain. I will be really very thankful to you. Not only me but Thousands of student will be thankful to you. "Jid karo, duniya badlo" Hum me se kisi ek ko to aage aana hi padega.

Firstly just go on the website of ICAI - and lodge your complain on "e-sahayataa".

And also send mails on the following E-mail id :


1. Head Office : icaiho @
2. Board of Studies : bosnoida @
4. President : president @
5. President's Secretary : ranga @
6. Public Relation : prc @
7. Secretary : secretary @
9. Vice President : vicepresident @
10. Institute's website : sitefeedback @

Wait for 3 days for their reply and if there is no reply or not a proper reply then ask again them. When you feel that it is worthless than dont go to the Delhi Hight court. As you are in delhi you, you should go to the supreme court and make a [PIL-Janhit Yachika] against ICAI not just against your principal.

Following issues should be put against ICAI :-

(1) CPT registration fees was 1500 in starting which is 6000 now, means 4 time increase in just 4 years, which is not reasonable at all.
(2) PE-2 converted into pcc and then IPCC due to difficulties in providing articleship seats to the student.
(3) Then they banned Transfers, which is direct attack on our right of Independence, I am not asking for 5-6 or unlimited transfers but atleast a reasonable transfers should be allowed.
(4) No increment in stipend since last 4 years but registration fees revised with 2 to 4 time increase for CPT and IPCC and final.
(5) 80% Fake entries of stipend.
(6) They announced that they will reduce articleship period of PCC Students and committee is constituted, but its near about 1 year from the date of Announcement but still no further official announcement and not replying students properly.
(7) Members spending crores in elections at branch and regional level, what is the benefit of members.
(8) All the policies are in the favor of members and against the students because there is no voting right in the hands of student. And policies are to attract vote bank of members.
(9) In ITT training they take back authority from authorised institutes, without any infrastructure. Then they increase fees also. 
(10) In ITT training they are just teaching basic which is not required at all, because everyone know it, or he can learn it by paying just 1000-2000.
(11) Orientation programme for IPCC is not needed at all, its just an money making idea.
(12) There are only 1 ITT lab in many Large cities, students have to face many problem. There is too much waiting period for ITT, Orientation programme and GMCS Training.

Many more issues. If you are really serious regarding this matter just take ICAI and Your principal in court. It will really bring some change as ICAI constituted under the Act of parliament. Govt. have to give notice on this issue after your PIL.

Tum aage badho hum tumhare saath hai !!!!!

Bahut  suffer kiya ICAI ki dadagiri ko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111



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