Cma (usa)

Aniruddha Dutta (Chartered Accountant) (35 Points)

18 May 2014  

Hi All,

My question is related to the CMA (USA). Got lots of links on CMA but i guess they are mostly for CMA from ICWAI. If anyone has completed or is currently pursuing CMA (USA) kindly advice since I am planning to take up the course.

Just to give you some background I am a CA Inter and currently working in a large mutinational. I am currently looking for some options for career advancement and considering the stiff professional deadlines I have I cant devote enough time to take up the CA Final exams which require huge investment of time and lots of effort.

  1. Whats the level of difficulty?
  2. How much time is required for study (asking this because I am a working professional with stiff deadlines and I am able to devote 2-3 hrs at most each day)
  3. Is coaching required (I am a CA Inter)
  4. Also can you suggest which books to purchase if i want to self study(I guess there multiple options  available and want to be sure which one serves my purpose)

Appreciate if anyone in the forum can clarify on this


A Dutta