Clearing grp1 ipcc in 9th attempt!

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06 August 2015  

Hello friends,
I want to Dedicate my Thanks to Caclubindia and all my Dear friends and Family.

Yes, I have finally Cleared my group I IPCC in the 9th Attempt.

I thought to Write on the forum for such People who feel they are of No Use and they can not acheive any thing if they have failed for 2-3 times rigourously ! 

For all those students/Fellow mates i just want to tell you that My journey as a CA student was started since i Was in my 12th Standard. 
Soon after Passing in 12th class with fine 87% marks(CBSE), I applied for a good college and Obtained a seat in a very First merit List, I was then happy. 

Filled Registration Form for CPT in 2009 june. 

Applied for exam in December 2009 and Cleared with a DOT 100 Marks. 
Every one was so happy that i have cleared a Hurdle of CA Foundation. 

Meanwhile i was also preparing for college and all stuff. 

Here comes my First Eligible attempt of November 2010 of IPCC. 
I have joined Coachings of Group I nearby my place which was very much good. 
I was very hardworking at that time and planned to give only first 4 papers first then the Second Group! 
I Appeared in all the Papers of Group I , papers were moderate but the marks which i Scored were not upto the level i expected it to be.VERY BAD MARKS. 
Results were out in February 2011. 

I planned about MAY 2011 IPCC Both Groups, I filled the Form,made my self such that I will do it this time surely, my family supported me in every way they could. 
This time I again Failed with miserable marks. 
It was august(Season of Festivals) i was crying like hell,what is happening with me, I am not able to quailify even a single paper. 

Exam Forms are Declared beforethe Results of IPCC. i have to applyfor November2011 anyhowand i applied it again with a very casual way, just for the sake of Giving the attempt.
Here comes the November 2011, My Papers were very good this time, i was expecting some good marks though but all in vain. February 2012 again i FAILED. I was shattered.
This was my 3rd continuous failure that i have ever faced. 

3rd Year of college and Exams were in April 2012, it was February already. 
I was not able to decide about anything,what to do what not to do.
I Somehow filled the Disgusting Exam Form Again, I thought i will only focus n single Gorup (Ist group) but i will fill the both. by this i made an application for both keeping in mind about Single one due to Bcom University Exams ahead in next month. 
Bcom exams required meto study the same topics that i was studying for past 1.5 years and was not Clearing, but here in bachelors, it was an easy task. 

Soon after Appearing for Exams of bcom, I this time made a schedule that i have to do it anyhow.
made a proper full fledge planning and was ready to execute. 
The maine problem started in April last week, it was just a few days to ago from Main exam of MAY 2012 IPCC. 
I was into depression one night, that all my friends are into Firms, doing training and are in finals and enjoying their life. Why me ? Am i the only one suffering ? 
I wasted approx 8 days in mellow-drama kind of activities and was disheartened badly due to all this. 

Seeing My schedule i Recovered a bit but kehtey hai na " aaj se nahi kal se jarur padhenge" , this thing came inside me for the first time and believe me i din't study a word properly for the whole month and appeared for exams blindly to pass. 
Obvious I will not PAss this time also, i knew it while I was appearing for examinations. 
Anyways, i have now given exams and was free, So thought to Join a CA Firm till my Results come out. 
If theyare positive i will continue else i will Leave. 

In june 2012 I was declared Graduate by my university, Atleast i m somehting now, i said that time. 
i was regular in my office, iwas learining Accounting and Taxation works, I was in to Audits and Few a times i was also required to go the Departmental works which was one of my favourites. 

Soon came that  date when it was August 2012 and it was my result date. 
I had a strong Belief in my mind, I am not gonna clear this time also, I know. 
And Bang I saw the Results, It was Utter bad than i even expected, I was only 40+ in 2 subjects. 
I cried in the office in  front of all. 
I left the office then and there without even informing anyone. 
10 days were wasted in all this. 
Results were everytime bad for me

angelsoon came an Direct ENTRY scheme for Graduates, I was excited to know what is it, I read all the required things, FAQ's on this scheme applied it in the month of August itself and Was Excited to start atleast with my Articleship. 

As i was an Existing IPCC Student, it was only Rs.2500 away to start articleship under this new scheme. 
I forgot everything about my past in nominal time and devoted full time in Training in the very same firm which i used to go. 

Now my Direct ENtry IPCC Attempt was in MAY 2013. 
I was given new books on conversion via institute, i felt good like im now a fresh student. 
and I was in such mess of Training that i din't realised that it was Decmeber 2012 and i have did nothing so far, din't study at all. 

I promised my self to start it from th new year 2013 only and regularly sat to study. 

I had to take leaves in order to Give exams so i took leaves to prepare for both goups for a month of April. 
I gave exams and all were fine i was feeling good. 
Results were Shocking for me Again, I was declared FAIL 
I was shattered again in the month of August 2013(Festive season).
I strted disliking myself now. Not able to face my family/friends at all. 
I made an application seeing Certified copies of Costing&FM, i recieved it before november 2013, isaw my copy and was like i was awarded less marks, but the time was very less, I have to prepare for the November 2013. 
I again took leaves and studied, this time i failed again,2014 february it was. 

Iwas disheartened and accepted that this is not my cup of Tea at all, I m just leaving this CA thing and will do some  other Course like MBA and will settle for job. 
My principal consoled me that it happens with every student, do not loose hope. 
I just for the matter of making an application(now making an Exam applicatiion was like my daily basis job- iwas so perfect in that) for exams made may 2014 exams IPCC. 
Appeared and din't cleared(as usual) and iwas not at all affected by this. I was like okay. 
I focussed on my training only. 
Gave only Group I in november somhow, taxatioon paper was 10 days postponed, so i studied Tax rigourously and obtained an Exemption in that paper only and all papers were below 40 in Novvember 2014, in February 2015 i was like, yes now i can atleast score and get some marks in G1. 

I filled the Form MAy 2015 Both the Groups and Say whatt i cleared with Exact 200 Marks. and in G2 120 marks all clear but Aggregate Failed. 

I hope that in november 2015 i clear my second group also. 

My articelship is also about to end by 20th august 2015. 
I will take leaves from office and will only study. 
I'm happy that atleast a group is clear and I have did it finally. 

Below are my Attempt wise marks for your information: 
1.Nov'10 - Grp I - 39+26+20+37=122

2.MAY'11- Grp I- 44+42+28+26=140
                GrpII - 30+43+30=103 

3.Nov'11 - grp I - 49+51+40+34=174
               grp II - 36+21+26=83

4.May'12 - Grp I - 38+44+36+50=168
                Grp II - 36+22+27=85  

5.May'13 Grp I - 49+52+38+46=185
              Grp II - 23+21+32=76 

6.Nov'13 Grp I - 41+42+49+47=179
             Grp II - 43+40+28=111

7.May'14 Grp I - 50+49+39+41=179
              Grp II - 40+44+40=124

8.Nov'14 Grp I - 36+35+39+60=170

9.MAY'15- Grp I- 52+44+44+60=200
                Grp II - 40+40+40=120


Friends, believe in yourself , I say everything will be alright. Now a days I'm less bothered about who is where and what my freinds had acheieved. 
It's only about what i am and where i have to go, Iam very much focussed towards my goal now, i now understood the level & importance of CA. Thankyou ICAI, i have raised my standards upto your expectations in these 5 years of Journey of IPCC. ICAI Made me stronger from an attempt to another i realised it somewhere in the year 2014. "Jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai"

a CA student.