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Chess and exams!!!!!!!

*RENU SINGH * (✩ §m!ℓ!ñġ €ม€§ fℓม!ñġ ђ♪gђ✩ )   (21607 Points)

23 May 2011  


My favourite indoor game and indeed gives a true picture to deal with the question papers of CA . How ?

Let’s carry on ------

Starting move

          That’s the main essence of game.How you take first step will totally determine your whole attitude in the game. Just like same words in examination “first impression , last impression

Precautious approach.

Suppose you make the move of pawn to open up the elephant’s move, it means that you will not be too fast in your moves in initial steps….

Controlling approach.

 Otherwise if you move forward the pawn next to queeny,means you are using defensive approach…….


          If someone is opening its queeny first, then you may think he will surely play the best….means the game is going to be more than tough because my queeny is still unable to move.

Just like tough question comes in exams…we feel that examiner had given all tough question …now what next move can I take ….

In short a doubt to pass situation ?

Finish the queeny

If you are able to finish the other’s queeny then you have won almost 80%. Just like that if you attempt the difficult question properly…the examiner also gets a good impression upon you.

Special move

Hmmm…we all know what’s the special move in chess. The horse move which plays 2 n half move….in 8 directions, which cant be controlled by any one ,…not even by queeny.

Just like our 1st question which is

compulsory +mixed with all sort of question.

As its said “a person who understand the moves of horse means understand the whole game properly.”

So be cautious with this kind of question can be a boon or cracking bone …whats your choice?


          The main rule of this game is attention .No matter how smart moves you make, how intelligently you cut the queeny…but still “nazar hati durgatana gati”

Just like no matter how matter how good your idea is , still incomplete without presentation. Because examiner ki  “nazar hati durgatana ghati”

So the answer should be done in such a way that captivates the attention of the examiner.

Finishing move

Ending the game is also a big challenge. You have cut horse, queeny, elephants,camels, pawns ….but still alone king can declare the game drawn by his 32 moves.

Just like that beginning as well as ending is more than important.So make your last sheet also neat and clean .



Chess  and exam are the game of attention , devotion and passion.






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MIRAJ M MEHTA (Chartered Accountant) (596 Points)
Replied 23 May 2011

comparative analysis........thks for sharing

CS,CA F,Numrologi TusharSampat (CS CA F Numerologist Astrologer Graphologist Face reader Vastu Expert)   (85905 Points)
Replied 23 May 2011

Completlt agree wit renu

CA Navin Jain (MANAGER (FINANCE & ACCOUNTS))   (11763 Points)
Replied 23 May 2011


“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work learning from failure.”

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”



“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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pratik (CA) (1186 Points)
Replied 23 May 2011

Wows nice comparision and my fav game also chess............................

M. N. JHA (CA) (8316 Points)
Replied 23 May 2011

OMG. . . Thats the reason why i m suffer with CA course. . . . . Honestly, i have no idea about chess game. . . . . .

Vignesh (B.Com CA FINAL & CMA FINAL)   (193 Points)
Replied 23 May 2011

thanks for sharing


WOW…Nicely Played !

A very nice Idea & a very good comparision too…

I would like to add smthing for this Fascinating Game.


1.                  Castling…Special rule of Chess.


This move allows you to do two important things all in one move:

Get your king to safety (hopefully),

and get the Elephant out of the corner and into the game.


In case, Exams are more tougher than we expected (as mostly is the case),

make sure you attempt those “Tiny” questions first. [with 3 to 5 Marks] & do not overconfidently tackle with the much difficult ones which could be tempting with those 16 Marks. [your King would be safe]


Confidence gain with answering such questions would be helpful for bigger ones. [Elephant would get much space to open up]


2.                  When your Queeny is finish…


This happens when Compulsory question cost you more than 45 minutes.

You feel…your Queeny is no more with you…


Just remember it was a Compulsory question. It is expected to be Tougher.

It would cost you more than Average Time to answer any question.

Make the best use of Elephants, Camels, Horses and even Pawns…

you can make up your Time while answering other easier ones.


3.                  Using the Horse…


Horse is the only Player which can come out of shield without moving Pawns in its front. Horses are not meant to be kept reserved for the last moves.

Be Aggressive. Plan the moves for your Horses in those 15 Minutes.


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CA. ANKUR JAIN (CA.....) (2800 Points)
Replied 23 May 2011

Chess  and exam are the game of attention , devotion and passion.

yes thats 110% true..........

Thanks for sharing 

Ankit Gupta (Learner) (1552 Points)
Replied 23 May 2011

thnx for sharing such a comparativve analysis between exams and a games like chess. . it's awesome. well done and keep sharing . .

Ankit Gupta (Learner) (1552 Points)
Replied 23 May 2011

thnx for sharing such a comparativve analysis between exams and a games like chess. . it's awesome. well done and keep sharing . .

rohit (doing cs executive) (27 Points)
Replied 23 May 2011


ab chess  v sikh lenge...

Hardik Dave (IPCC and CS Professional(FINAL) Student)   (15528 Points)
Replied 23 May 2011

Realy nice.smile. Thanku for sharing. I also like to playing chess

CA Rajat Jain (CA) (1672 Points)
Replied 23 May 2011

nice post , but i dont like too much

Resham (Carpe Diem !!!) (6535 Points)
Replied 23 May 2011

One word that comes to my mind instantly on seeing the analysis is... Innovative...

comparison is COOL...

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