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Certicate of incorporation

Jyoti Malik (ACCOUNTANT) (2644 Points)

09 March 2011  

We incorporate a Private Limited company in the month of Feb.,2011 but till today I have not received the COI of the company.

Anybody please tell me the procedure to get it from ROC...

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rohit (CA Finalist) (480 Points)
Replied 09 March 2011




Mayuri Lal (officer CS) (748 Points)
Replied 09 March 2011


This problem is faced by lot of people and it was faced by us. Getting Certificate of Incorporation, getting name approved it has all become business. Unless and untill you dont pay under the table it doesnt work.

So we hav appointed a person who  in the city of R.O.C whom we hav given teh power of attroney to get the name approved or get the certificate and stuffs like that. And if u have good contacts with R.O.C then that also works...


Mayuri Lal

Jaideep (Service) (1363 Points)
Replied 09 March 2011

No Comments...on Mayuri


However you should contact...concerned ROC or addresed letter under Rigt to information Act.



CS Vijay Daxini (At Practice) (732 Points)
Replied 09 March 2011

i agree with mayuri lal..........

Mayuri Lal (officer CS) (748 Points)
Replied 09 March 2011

Agreed Mr. Jaideep that wat i said is against professionalism and wont be rili liked by all. This is what is happening and recently for 5 6 companies we had to adopt the same under the table processs...

In one of teh case i called up R.O.C regarding the name availabilty u will not belive they told me madam u cant get teh information like this send someone or i will give the number you contact him...

Now what does that mean..


AN in teh other case Original Certification Of Incorporation was not received for 3 Months so through some one we got it who chrged 2500/-..


Its disappointing but cant help it

Sudhir Garg (Service) (236 Points)
Replied 09 March 2011


The purpose of non receipt of COI may be wrong address, non delivery as address not found, but in most of the cases are what Mayuri decribed.


Further, you may also apply for Certified True Copy and obtain the desired documents. But always try to lodge complaint or letter with the ROC.




Jyoti Malik (ACCOUNTANT) (2644 Points)
Replied 09 March 2011

Thanks to all


What I have to do for getting certified True copy of COI. Please advice

Mayuri Lal (officer CS) (748 Points)
Replied 09 March 2011

Can u tell the Concerned ROC. as in which state??

Mayuri Lal (officer CS) (748 Points)
Replied 09 March 2011

Or u can do is send a SEL ADDRESSED enlovlope with required stamp along with teh letter saying the COI is not received so kindly send it back on this envelope

Venkat M (FCA) (133 Points)
Replied 09 March 2011

Mayuri lal is correct

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ankit (article) (35 Points)
Replied 09 March 2011

One must just visit the regional office of ROC where the company is registered with vide SRN No., over there the officer concerned will give you the certificate, after viewing the original MOA & AOA & Power of Attorney.


Thank U

Roopesh.V.Naik (Chartered Accountant) (189 Points)
Replied 09 March 2011

Dear Friend

After incorporation process is completed, one copy of Certificate of Incorporation is forwarded to the mail id which is mentioned in Form 18, and Original copy signed by the Registrar is posted to your address mentioned in Form 18. Original copy is needed for further registration process. It is advisable to visit your Roc office where you incorporated your company for assistance

Replied 09 March 2011

I think ur Cerficate of Incorpoation is undelicered and the same is back to ROC office with the PRO. You can go with authority letter and get the same personally.

An d one copy you had alrady received in mailbox which you have given in papers of incorpoation of companies.

neha AWASTHI (hh) (230 Points)
Replied 10 March 2011

You can get it from the concerned ROC office without any problem

signed  copy of the COI 

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