CCI ROCKS !! One Suggestion to Admin of CCI !! (Mentor at SHAYVIDZ Academy)   (3756 Points)

17 April 2010  

Dear Admin !


CCI is the best plateform to gain knowledge more & more everyday... !!

Thanks alot for making such an excellent website.. !!


I feel that there are lots of members in CCI who are having many doubts regarding FOREIGN TRANSACTIONS / RULES / REGULATIONS etc. & knowledge of Foreign Trade Practices become very important to the professionals in this global business environment..


There are some experts who can help & share their knowledge with us regarding these transaction but they are not able to answer those question because all such queries are in different different forum.


So, I want to suggest u that please introduce ONE NEW CATEGORY in Forum Discussion...


Main Category : - Foreign Trade / Foreign Transactions / FDI / Import Export / Foreign Trade Practices


Sub Category :- 

Indian Company Law / Foreign Laws

International Stock Market / ADR / GDR



Service Tax

Income Tax



Approvals from Various Authorities - RBI / CG / Customs / Excise Officers etc.

Case Laws

Queries related to FORMS

Procedural Ascpects

etc. as u thinks fit.. !


Once again Many Thanks to Admin of CCI from every members of this site.



Dear All Members,


Ur valuable suggestions / opinions are invited on my suggestion to admin..


Please do give ur comments on this suggestion  !!


Thank u everyone...!