Can u answer any one of this questions?

kishore (STUDENT(IPCC)) (867 Points)

21 June 2012  

hi Friends... Good Morning.. I ll ask some silly questions.... all Questions r ur personal 

1. How many times u logged in CCI in this Year or Month or Week?

2. How many pair of Dresses U have currently.?

3. How many Movies u seen in cinima theatre?

4. How many friends exactly u have?

5. How much amount u spent on ur prepaid mobile recharge? many times u travell on train? or bus?

7.How many time u say I love u to ur lover( this is for person who is in love)?

8. How many books exactly u have in ur desk(total of all subjects)?

9.How many Cricket matches u watch in TV?

10. how many mobile phones u changed ?

11. How many contacts u have in ur mobile phone? out of which how many u remeber the 10 digit numbers?

12. how many calc., u used upto now?

thanx for reading all this ques.... I know answer only 2 ques out of 12  how many u can answer without checking ur answer?