Can someone explain GR Waiver to me?

Kunal Vanjare (24 Points)

15 December 2023  

Hello, I had recently done two import transactions through UPS and my bank has brought to my notice today that the bank's AD Code & IEC Branch Code were not mentioned in the Bill of Entries. 

Upon asking, UPS gave the clarification that the nature of shipment was marked as 'Samples' and hence AD Code & IEC Branch Code were not mentioned.

Now thankfully the bank has managed to clear this matter since they were small value transactions, but have asked me to apply for 'GR Waiver' going ahead.

I have tried to google this and whatever little I could find was applying to Exports of goods w.r.t exemption of duty. Requesting someone to help me explain what GR Waiver is and how does it apply to Imports?