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CA AYUSH AGRAWAL (Kolkata-Pune-Mumbai) (26958 Points)

10 February 2010  

Hello Friends,

I Found One File From Mr. rajan Gupta That I M Here Uploading.......

Calculation now made easy .,Tax calculation is difficult Job for normal persons but it is difficult for Professionals persons Like me also ,its difficult to write the lengthy formula again and again.or even if we are coping the same from some other Excel sheet then also we have to find out the old file and required cell in the file.So I thought there should be excel command in one go to calculate Tax on woman ,sr citizen and for other also,I have developed a Excel Add-in which will create short cuts to calculate Tax in one command ,no need to copy or type lengthy Formula again and again.

Features of the utility

1.      To calculate tax on resident Woman with command "Ctrl+shift+W" and following formula fill be shown in the selected excel Cell


2.      To calculate tax on Resident Sr Citizen with command "Ctrl+shift+S" and following formula fill be shown in the selected excel Cell.


3.      To calculate tax on Sr Citizen with command "Ctrl+shift+M" and following formula fill be shown in the selected excel Cell.


E10 here means cell immediate top cell in same column ,one row above

4.      Spell Figures into words in Indian as well as in other styles( excel function)

How to Install


1.      Download a Small File ,save it in your hard disk at any place permanently (do not change location there after, otherwise all the formula results for spell will be lost )

2.      Now Open any excel file 

3.      Go to tools >Add-ins>Browse

4.      Browse the location ,where you have placed the Downloaded File,select the file(if file is not shown at the location ,then browser window select Type of File "All Files"

5.      After selection ,click ok .

6.      A new add-in will be shown in Excel Add-ins List named as Taxcal0910

7.      Thats all ,this is one time process ,no need to do it again and again ,No macro problem ,activate macro or deactivate macro etc.

How it works 

1.      Install Add-ins first ,as shown above.

2.      type your total taxable Income.

3.      In Next row under same column ,Type command 

1.      Ctrl+shift+M for male /other person tax calculation

2.      Ctrl+shift+W for woman tax calculation

3.      Ctrt +Shift+S for Resident Senior citizen.

4.      Tax value will be shown.(in this calculator taxable income has been rounded Off to multiple of  10 and Tax has been in rupees.

5.      To use Spell word type" =spell(cell number or any figure)",figure will be converted in to words.suppose you have typed "=spell(100) " then it will be shown as Rupee One hindered Only "


·   Short Cut for tax calculation for Individual

·   Convert Figures Into Word