CA without job

Sorry folks but I am writing it again.

I came out of depression after a very long time.

Had left an MNC few months back.

I stay with my family in a new city Gurgaon(unsafe, polluted and least preferred by many).

I don't know anything as I said in earlier posts.

Because I used to face problem in understanding reality.

Now I am 29 and clueless about my life.

How should I start?
How should I live?

I was not even a tech savvy person and lacks awareness in many ways.

Shall I complete my CA studies first.

Shall I join some MNC.

Shall i Join a CA firm.

Is there anyone from Gurgaon who can help me out?

I need a friend.
A friend whom I can trust with my eyes closed.

Please understand I am real need of help.

Please help me.

I also have to look after daily household chores because my mom don't remains well.

Give your ideas, suggestions, opinions etc.

Plz help.