Ca jokes i hope everybody enjoys them

Manik (CA) (826 Points)

25 September 2011  

Hi Everybody.. I am writing this post just to share a few jokes on CA course in general. Read it with light heart and your comments will be appreciated: -

(1.) CA Dedicated Song:

     CPT-jalak dikhala ja, 1 bar aaja aaja aaja :D

     PCC/IPCC-Yeh galiyan yeh chobara,yahan aana na dobara :(

     COACHING-Idhar chala me udhar chala ;>

     SYALLABUS-Ajeeb dasta hai ye,kaha shuru kaha khatam %)

     ARTICLE training-Aa khushi se khudkushi karle :S

     FINAL- Musafir hu main yaro ;)

     ICAI- Q paisa-paisa karti hai,tu paise pe q marti hai : @

     EXAM-Zehrili raate, ninde ud jati hai ;(

     RESULT-jane kya hoga rama re,jane kya hoga mola re :O

     PASS-aaj me upar asmaan niche 8)

     FAIL-Jag suna suna lage ;(;(


(2.)  A Good example of Double taxation avoidance agreement

      Once a CA and his doctor friend died.... Doctor was punished and sent to Hell and CA was promoted to Heaven

      Doctor asked God yama , what is the reason for sending me to the Hell??

      God replied :- This CA has already done article ship and ICAI exam at earth,so how can a person be punished for same offence twice...


(3.) A Qualified CA and Two of his articles were going for Bank Audit... On the way God appeared and asked what gift you require.....

     First Article :- i wish to go singapore with lot of money.. god sent him to singapore with lots of money....

     Second Article:- I wish to go to switzer land with lots of money.. God sent him to switzer land...

     Qualified CA turn :- he asked god that " I want those two Idiots before lunch time..

     God fullfill His Desire


     Let your boss speak first



(4.) Never in Life Ask For....
     1. A Child's Percentages
     2. A Woman's age
     3. A Man's WAGE
     And The Most Important

     Chartered accountant about his attempts in CA... :):):)
     Bcoz a CA is a CA no matter what attempt he passes CA Exams.......


     Maa - Bhagwan ki kripa hai.
     Papa - Beta Kiska Hai.
     Dost - Chal Daaru Peete hain.

     Maa - Aag lage is mobile main.
     Papa - Laad pyar ne bigaad diya.
     Dost - Chal Daaru Peete hain.

     Maa - Beta Bhool ja usko.
     Papa - Mard ban.
     Dost - Chal Daaru Peete hain.

     Duniya badal jati hai par DOST aur DARU kabhi nahi badalte...


     Pakistan Rs. 26.... Bangladesh Rs. 22 ...... Cuba Rs. 19..... Nepal Rs. 34 ..... Burma Rs. 30 ..... Afghanistan Rs. 36 ..... INDIA Rs. 70.00.......How it comes to      this.. :--
     BASIC COST PER 1 LITRE 16.50.. + Centre tax 11.80%.. + Excise duty 9.75%.. + Vat cess 4%.. + State tax 8 %.. = Total Rs. 50.05.. + Now extra 23.35 Rs, PER 1      LITRE..
     What a Great job by the Govt. of India !!!

(6.)   PROFESSOR: "CA karne ke faayde kya hai ???"
     CA STUDENT: "Faayde ka to pata nahi, par Saal me 2 baar to Beizzati ho hi jati


 (7.) A CA student proposed a Girl:
       Girl:" I am 1 year elder to you"
       Boy: "Dear, its just like, i am ur assessment year & u r my previous year" ;) :D


(8.) Article trainee (anxiously) to his CA boss: Sir my chair is creaking and I fear it might break. What to do?

    Boss: Well first check if it stil shows WDV in the books.If it does, then there may be a need to create a permanent   diminution in respect thereof. See AS 6 and AS     10 compliance. Alternatively I think there is need to depreciate it at higher rate will help tide over the liquidity crisis we're currently facing. Moreover...

    Article (interrupting): Sir I'll prefer falling down and breaking my bones. Thanks..:P:D