ca final changes in law


changes are there in law :-  a amedment called additional reading material had been added by institute

this addtional material is of 180 pages contaning the sebi notification and all the previous amendments , all the previous amendments in fema and competition act along with money laundry act , and for old course students the banking and all the other act had been attached

this all act contain the previous additong the 11 th edition of munish bhandari  revised with giving effect to all the changes till date ,

this addition  incorporate all the sebi regulations and notifications , however as exam point of view its beneficialy to read from the 11 th addition of munish bhandari and have a look on those pages also , its help in revising and also many question are expected from them , so go through it as a revision again , but as far as book is concerned all the amedments had been already intact in the 11 addition of munish bhandari

p.s read munish bhanadi 11 th edition no  need to buy new one if u are having 11 addition of munish bhandai main book  revised on july 2010