Ca final best costing teacher

Hey Frnds can you pls tell me Who is the best CA Final Costing teacher..?? Will it be better to go for Parag Gupta sir over Sanjay Aggarwal sir... Pls suggest..

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go 4 Sanjay agarwall sir


is there a difference b/w old course & new course... I have heard that Parag gupta sir is good for new course & sanjay aggarwal is for old course..


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all rubbish

you hv obviously seen the list of good faculties compile by cahelpline

let me tell you cahelpline's list is influenced by bright professionals

MAFA-Aditya Jain is at top over Aashish Kalra, NOT TRUE

            Sanjay Saraf is at  bottom due to fierce competition

COST-Parag Gupta at top ahead of Sanjay Aggarwal, NOT TRUE

ISCA-, PRIYANKA JAIN at 2nd, NEVER TRUE should be 4th or 5th


Audit- SURBHI Bansal at top, SOMEWHWT TRUE

LAW- MUNISH Bhandari SIR at top, TRUE


The only reason that Priyanka Jain & Jayesh Gupta is given fakely 2nd in klist because everyone knows VINOD GUPTA Sir & DINESH MADAN Sir are way ahead at top. Any diccenting of this fact will reveal that list is 100% fake. Therefore they hv kept them at 2nd. Not deserving at all.


Even when you see old list of theirs when JAYESH GUPTA was not part of Bright, he was not even on the cards. But the day he became part of BRIGHT, the5th day a new list updated claiming him 2nd.


Go for the best. Dont ruin ur career. These people dont know the value of out time & money.

Go For-

Sanjay Aggarwal, Aashish Kalra/Sanjay Saraf, Deepak Gupta/RajKumar, Parveen Sharma, Vinod Gupta Sir

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Dear All,

There is no doubt that sanjay Aggarwal is best. He has rich experience and way to explain the topic.

However Parag is immature and always praise himself through the electronic media.

There is new teacher Mr. B L Chakravarti who was earlier taking classes in 97-2005 and re-launching himself from May 2012. His concept is as equivalent to Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal however his class notes is best i.e. better than Sanjay Agarwal.

The students who do not get registration with Sanjay Sir should try Mr. Chakravarti for sure success in costing and the good thing is that you do not have to bother for your money i.e. if you are not satisfied you can take back your money.

One more thing, Mr. Chakravarti offers special discount for VG's Sir Students so if anybody registered with VG's Sir, just give your registration number.

For registration with Mr. Chakravarti, do call at 9810993376 or 9910993376.

Good Luck for your future


Gurukul CA

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Thanks for ur opinions frnds.. Now Sanjay aggarwal's sir satellite is starting in May end, I think i should join that..




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beteer go face to face if u reside at Delhi


Dear Amit, Give me your mail id and contact number. I wish to discuss something.


CA B L Chakravarti



amit.chauhan083 @



Dear amit, please give ur number,


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