Books or notes for ca final may 2013

ca final student

I want to know about the books that would be good for self study for may 2013 attempt :)

i have j b gupta book and s d bala book for sfm

for costing i want to know if parag gupta book is good enough, or i need to find for his notes and all. if notes, then where can i find them, which are good for may 2013 attempt

accounts, audit, law, isca - planned to start with study material only.

tax - am confused like anything. i dont know even if i should start with tax now or not...


Please lemme know if the books am refering to are good for self study or no. :)

 if no, then what would be good enough :)

if you have some notes, which you think would be good enough for may 2013 attempt, it would be great if you can tell me about it :)


awaiting a response :)

Chartered Accountant and CS Prof.

Financial Reporting - Dont follow books, if possible -- Only refer class notes of any good teacher, arrange class notes from your friend (atleast for Holding, Amalgamation and Valuation). Better arrange Praveen Sharma Class Notes (For miscellaneous topics and AS You may refer M P Vijay Kumar/Padhuka) .

SFM - J B Gupta book with DVD Lactures. .

Audit - Padhuka for important and practical topics (For other portion you may refer surbhi bansal) .

Law - Munish Bhandari Handbook (Plus Padhuka for detailed study, if you have sufficient time).

AMA - Padhuka plus Study Material and Practice Manual (It is better prepare your own notes for theory portion).

ISCA - Manish Valechha ISCA Book plus and Practice Manual (The best book ever released for this subject, The book is a short version of study material, covers all, topics.. also includes examples, diagrams, memory codes....) refer Study Material if you have sufficient time but not actually reuired. Use with practice manual only, .

Direct Taxes - T.N. Manoharan Plus Summary Module of Vinod Gupta (Prepare notes for lengthy and typical portion, if possible).

Indirect Taxes - N S Govindan for Concepts (Padhuka or Banger for detailed Study and past exam questions)

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ca final student

@ rahul...

thanks for the detailed info 


btw... what about parag gupta's book for Costing


and for isca, i am getting Manish Valechha book, which is a Sept 2011 reprint.

Should i go for it?


Or should i wait for the new edition?

my exam is in may 2013.

so am confused...

Chartered Accountant and CS Prof.

If you need detailed book for costing then go for p c tulsian (Cost and OR separate books are available) ... There is change in isca (study mat was amended in jan 2012).. So it is better wait for the new edition of manish valechha isca. I m also waiting for the same.
ca final student

oh cool...


company secretrary


dear friends

i hav read almost all reviews for which book to refer for ISCA

I m very sure by saying this that INSTITUTE MODULE is best best n best for isca

dinesh madan book is just a to understand not to write for exams





to become a CA

plz send me ca final notes on IFRS......................urgent required.............................................plz


Hi Friend,

Though everyone has a choice whether to take classes or do self study, I believe self study is best method to score marks in any subject if the best books are available.  So following are my suggestions regarding best books for  CA final : 

Financial Reporting   -  Self study textbook by CA ( Dr.) P.C. Tulsian as per revised schedule VI 

Advanced Management Accounting - Self study textbook by CA ( Dr.) P.C. Tulsian

Operational Research (OR) - Self study textbook by CA ( Dr.) P.C. Tulsian

DT  - Vinod Gupta Modules

IDT – Dippak Gupta Modules

Law – Munish Bhandari

ISCA – Study Material of ICAI

Audit –  Surbhi Bansal / TIPS notes + Institute compiler

SFM  - Not aware of any tailor made book  for CA-final which is comprehensive to cover all questions. Whichever book you refer,  just ensure to practice some additional questions from the last  Revision test Papers (RTP’s) issued by ICAI before every attempt. For May -13, you should practice additional questions from  May 2012,  Nov2012 and May 2013 RTP’s




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Article Assistant/ Audit Assistant

Is Bangar's IDT book for the May 2013 attempt available in the market?I'm going to appear for  May 2013 CA finals after 1 year.What are the revisions in all the subjects?I would be grateful if someone replies to this.It would enable me to prepare a schedule and study for the same..




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