Big4 requirements???

Sanat Biswal (Chartered Accountant) (1139 Points)

09 February 2015  

Hello everyone....lately I have searching over the net for articleship requirements in BIG 4 firms.But,I couldn't understand one thing properly,i.e. "BOTH GROUPS CLEARED".Now I have few things to ask in this regard....

1.Do they need both groups cleared together in one attempt or they need only both groups cleared groupwise(separately)???

2.Do they always prefer over one having a rank rather than a non-rank holder???

3.Is there any scope for a single group cleared IPCC student in BIG-4'S??

I also have one more qs that I have been wondering a lot about...

We all know that a student having cleared 7 papers(both groups) gets a rank if he does well,but does anyone get a rank if one gives both groups simultaneously one after the other????

Also if one gets more than 70% in a single group,will he get that remark when he gets the pass certificate after having cleared both the groups???