Best wishes for Exam and Tips for various Queries

Vipul Dhulla (CA Practice ) (767 Points)

28 April 2010  
Dear Student,

All the Best for Your Exam.

Since received this query from many student again, hence like to give them my views to all others – as indicated by me earlier also.

My views:-

* All question are compulsory

Think it as an opportunity...

Earlier suppose there are 14 questions and out of which you were suppose to write only 10. One has to ready all 14, due to this extra time for 4 questions is been devoted.
·          Now even the time for 4 questions is saved.
·          Now even the time for thinking of selecting option is saved.
·          Now even the upset of selecting wrong one is saved.
Believe me friends, during time when option were there, 
·          Many never completed paper
·          Many where not knowing all question also.
So what is the use..?

Now you, can use this saved time 
·          In completing paper
·          In solving the known question more properly..

Just think it Positively… Have proper Time Management.

* Questions are hard

Simple answer to it is... 
·          If it’s not hard, then my friend anybody will clear exam.
·          Question are Hard, Hence you have the value.... 
·          I believe that in future when you clear your exam.. It should be told, that you deserve and not that paper was easy....
·          Also, see any old paper, if today you can solve them, and think they were simple then at that point-of-time they were hard... 
o         So what is hard is in your mind... 
o         You feel the attempt you are going to appear are hard and not earlier? Its was and will always be same, 
o         Just think Higher... You can do it.
·          Also – NOTE: 
o         Our CA qualification is been ranked high in the world…
o         Can the complete paper be hard? … such that its totally out of syllabus …
§          If such then nobody can pass – Just imagine – a CA result where nobody became CA…..
§          Hence point is that – in each paper, there will be 40 marks hidden, so try to search for it… 
* I know everything, yet unable to score…
§          Exam Fear is the problem dear…. Remember, “You know Many thing“ … relax…  as indicated earlier if you thing paper is too hard… search for 40 marks…
§          Never Give up – Even if unfortunately you are late in exam… or took more time in an answer… Just rethink.. I can do it… immediately do time management, and complete it. 
§          If you do not write – still zero, better to write something logical, as there are marks for steps too… each mark will help.
§          Remember : “This thing we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down"
“This thing we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down" 
* When are you CA

Friend important according to me is you must first believe you are CA and then write paper... let me explain...
·          Do you think, that you become CA when result declares?
o         Just imagine, if its online test, and once you complete all your answer, click submit button, and result is generated.. You become CA in next second...
o         Did you gain any extra knowledge during 3 hrs – answer is 'no'
o         That means knowledge during your result declare and while you enter remain same... hence you were based on knowledge were CA the moment you enter the exam hall..
o         That means, you became, CA when you enter the exam hall
Hence I have been repeatedly saying.... behave like CA... Become CA, and then give Exam... You will surely clear.

Just believe in yourself and your hardwork... and smartwork.

Just give your exam in Professional way.. Behave Professionally. .. Be like a CA... 

Take paper as your client... Answer as your report... Give this answer/report in proper time management - Give in best way to impress everybody...

[ Hey no need to make you all remember – dialogues of ‘Chak De INDIA’… last scence – by SRK .. Yeh 70 min… ese khelo…” … Ha Ha.. So chill out ]

Remember your SWOT... and Just give your Best...

All the best, do not have any type of Stress... Control your emotion and Stress....

God bless you.

Always have a Great Day -- C.A. Vipul Dhulla Email : vipul @