Be happy and live ur dream........

Paras Ruthla (IPCC Cleared ) (427 Points)

04 March 2011  


We are all put here on this earth to experience life, it is a gift. Why not enjoy the ride and experience all that we can. Dream and dream big! When i was writing this article i first felt that we always loos our hope before taking any action in our life. Why dont' we ever feel that every one is a human being, if there is a Anil Ambani or L.N. Mittal in the world then why not me? 





Never think that something is beyond your reach. Don't be surprised when you accomplish something great. Celebrate it and let that propel you forward. Be aware of your thoughts and actions and greet everyday of your life with the attitude of success. Take charge of your life and make your dreams come true.




Thoughts become things, especially when you add positive energy to it. Live each day of your life as the success that you are and the success you want to be. By doing that, you will be creating a formula that will ensure you will achieve greatness. Look at things as opportunities to grow and learn and improve.



Learn to be happy before your dreams come true. Don't wait until you get to where you want to go or to achieve what you want to do, before you feel happiness. Happiness needs to be an emotion that we allow ourselves to feel. Embrace that emotion. It is a part of life that we must recognize for it's benefit to our soul. Let that feeling blossom from your hearts! There will always be things in life that you would love to have, there will always be something that you can strive for. It's the journey that we all must take to greatness. Stay focused on your goals and remember that it is so important to stay happy along the way.


Visualize and use your imagination. Achieve greatness in your mind, in your dreams and live each day knowing that with goodness and kindness and determination, you can get there. Believe in yourself and just keep moving towards your goal. When you live your life this way, you will be positioning yourself to receive all the good things you are deserving of. Bon Voyage! Enjoy your trip. Our world is filled with abundant opportunities and motivation. Be proactive and use your positive energy to constantly move yourself onward and upward. Enjoy the trip!  :)

Thanks and regards.