Be fearless

Rohit Kumar (M.COM) (147 Points)

29 November 2011  

Who thinks himself free,free he become;who thinks himself bound,bound he remain-this is a popular saying and true;as one thinks ,so one becomes;

                                             Those who are always down hearted and dispirited in this life can not be able to any great work;from life to life they come and go wailing and moaning.

                                                   "The earth is enjoyed by heroes" this is the utter a hero,always say

                                                                       "I have no fear. Tell this to everybody"

                                        "Have no fear"Fear is death.fear is sin,fear is hell,fear is unrightenousness.

                                  All negative thoughts and bad ideas in this world have produced from the evil spirit of fear



                                                                                           SWAMI VIVEKANANDA

        So my friends, no one stop us to be CA,IF OUR ATTITUDE IS FEARLESS