Bad image of ca on star plus


08 July 2013  

Was glad to read Presidents Message and while reading it I was actually able to feel his proud voice regarding the profession and its reputation. But I felt similarly bad for one of the incidence i watched on TV. Few days ago I was watching the famous star plus channel and one famous show on the channel called "Yeh rishta kya kehalata hai". The episodes were for dates 1st July, 2nd July. In those episodes Income tax department raided one business family and CA image was portrayed in vary bad manner.

1. It was shown that Raid happened due to mistake of CA.- Utterly useless reason. We all know even raid of Income tax department is carried after taking all information and when there are reasons to believe then only assesses premises is raided.

2. Secondly, it was shown that CA was not allowed to talk with IT officials and he was not even allowed to enter the raided premises and IT department. Instead of CA lawyer was allowed to speak with IT officials and lawyer was handling every matter.

3. Last but not least the Hero of the serial shouts and bad mouths the CA by grabbing his collar in front of all peoples and lawyer in income tax department.

Being a CA i was upset to see all these and my family member asked me innocently that " Aise rehate hai kya CA".

If on National TV image of CA is protrayed like this what we are putting in front of future generation and aspiring CA students. If ICAI will ignore and let it be such incidence then in future some more serious things can happen.

I am giving link of You tube here in first link read the below given descripttion blaming the auditors.

Being a CA final student I completed my duty hope others will do the needful.