B2Cs invoice amendment

how can a b2cs invoice of july
,2018 be corrected which was enetered with less value in that period as it was not accepting it in b2cs amended in gstr1?
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In this B2C section , you have enter all invoices consolidated value, not invoice wise.

but, you are saying correction of invoice value, not understood what you are saying.

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For Amendments in B2C Large Transactions
Place of Supply can’t be changed. Cant change on online portal, but can be changed if pushed through API.
Can’t amend it to BOS The transaction flags as BOS if flagged as BOS in Cleartax
Give the exact Original Invoice No/Invoice Date *Original Invoice date entered is invalid. Please enter a valid invoice date.


*Invalid Original Invoice Details. Original invoice cannot be tracked. Please enter correct invoice number and date

Revised date cannot be later than the last day of the tax period when original invoice/note was uploaded. Return filing period must be mentioned compulsorily. Invoice date cannot be later than the return period or older than 18 months.
For B2C Small Amendments
Cannot add a NEW POS, however can modify the existing POS. Original data for B2CS doesn’t exist
Give correct Original Return period & Original POS. Original data for B2CS doesn’t exist
1 POS cannot be split/amended/modified into 2 POS. If you split , then the GST portal will process only 1 POS(the one which appears last in the JSON structure)

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sir this is the only invoice of b2cs category
and I have the details under hsn sheet
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9A section has Amendment ;




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