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B.com (a&f) from ignou assignments

Shaswati Dutta (Associate) (196 Points)

11 March 2014  

Hi ,
I have recently joined IGNOU B.com (A&F) course , january 2014 admission cycle. My subjects are:

  1. AED-1
  2. ECO-13
  3. BEGE-104
  4. FEG-1
  5. FEG-2
  6. FST-1

I have just collected my books. I noticed I have not been provided with any assignments booklet . Could anyone kindly guide me as to what assignments are to be submitted w.r.t the above subjects. I also visited the website for assignments but failed to comprehend it.I would be highly obliged if someone could kindly guide me regarding the matter and tell me which assignment online is for whichj subject. As i have joined the january 2014 admission cycle, when is my first exam?

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Midhila Das (Article) (21 Points)
Replied 21 March 2014

Greetings !!

I have registered for Bcom A&F and would like to get the assignments for 2014 sessions as nothing regarding it is posted in the site.

My subjects are FEG 1,FEG 2,BEGE 104,FST 1,ECO 13,AED1


CA Saharsh Swaroop Gupta (Charterd Accountant) (27 Points)
Replied 02 July 2014

I am also registered for bcom a&f jan 14 cycle. I have January 2014 cycle assignments. Mail me for it. gupta.saharsh @ gmail.com

Shruti (CA Student) (178 Points)
Replied 05 August 2014

google it.. i have downloded from different sites.. if you want i can mail you..smiley

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Abhishek Agrawal (CA FINAL STUDENT) (21 Points)
Replied 10 August 2014

Hiii ...

I have registered for Bcom A&F and would like to get the assignments for 2014 sessions.  My subjects are FEG 1,FEG 2,BEGE 104,AED 1,ECO 13,BSHF 101.

Plz Plz send me as soon as possible i have to submitt it within this week.

My mail i.d is abhishek.ca @ hotmail.com




CA Saharsh Swaroop Gupta (Charterd Accountant) (27 Points)
Replied 15 August 2014

Download links to Assignments for January 2014 Cycle (BCOMAF) FEG-1 : https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/Assignments/sohs/2011/SOH%20Assignment%202011-12%20-%20Copy/13-14/assignment%20FEG-1%20(13-14).doc FEG-2 : https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/Assignments/sohs/2011/SOH%20Assignment%202011-12%20-%20Copy/13-14/FEG-02%20for%20July%20-%20Jan%2014.pdf BEGE-104 : https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/Assignments/soh/EEG/2013/july/BEGE-104%20for%20July%2013%20-%20Jan%2014.pdf ECO-13 : https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/Assignments/bcom/2013/ECO%20-%2013%20E%202013-14.pdf AED-01 : https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/Assignments/bcom/2013/AED%20-%2001%20English%20Assignment%2013-14.pdf FST-01 : https://webserver.ignou.ac.in/Assignments/bsc/2014/Bsc/ENG/BSc/Foundation%20Course/FST-1%20(E)%202014.pdf
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SOURABH GARG (Article Assistant) (33 Points)
Replied 26 August 2014

Can anyone help me for preparing the assignments. the last date is 30th sept'14.

is there any shop where solved assignments can be purchased??

Shruti (CA Student) (178 Points)
Replied 27 August 2014

Last date is 10th September... I guess not sure...

Ganesh Pokharel (student) (21 Points)
Replied 06 September 2014

please send me solved assignments

AED-1 ECO-13 BEGE-104 FEG-1 FEG-2 FHS-1
asap please need to submit up to 15 sep
at ganes.pokharel @ yahoo.com

CA Nikhlesh Mishra (ca) (21 Points)
Replied 24 September 2014

hey shruti if u have solved assignmsnts thn plz pzl send me asap.... my email id Nikhleshmishra @ yahoo.in..... 


Vahid Maredia (Partner at CA firm) (26 Points)
Replied 27 September 2014

I have registered for Bcom A&F and would like to get the solved assignments for Jan 2014 sessions. My subjects are FEG 1,FEG 2,BEGE 104,AED 01,ECO 13,FST 01. Plz can any body help me with solves assignments My mail i.d is vahidmareida @ gmail.com

Vahid Maredia (Partner at CA firm) (26 Points)
Replied 27 September 2014

Sorry typo error vahidmaredia @ gmail.com

Rama chary Rachakonda (Master in Accounts & Lawyer email ID:ramachary64@gmail.com voice no:9989324294)   (2913 Points)
Replied 19 November 2014

I Completed M. com through Osmania University. If you want any solution procedures in Accounts, costing, Income tax, etc. mail me. My email ID:ramachary64 @ gmail.com


Replied 05 February 2015

Please send me solved assignment,

I am also registered for bcom a&f jan 15 cycle. I have January 2015 cycle assignments. Mail me for it.jharakesh1993 @ gmail.com 



nikita tayal (ca student) (119 Points)
Replied 26 February 2015

hii i want the assignments for bcom A&F for foolowing subjects:-

AED01, BSHF101, BEGE104, FEG1, FEG2, ECO13.

Plz provide me the solved assignments for the above subjects if anyone have.

Applicable for june 2015 session.

my email id - nikitatayal1995 @ gmail.com

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