Auditor appointment

Agam Bhasin (B.Com (Hons) CA Final) (114 Points)

25 February 2015  


I have been in touch with a company client who wants to appoint our firm as the auditors, the issue is that the company's earlier auditor is not allowing the company to change the auditors of the company, the company has appointed us as the new auditors for the current year but the earlier auditor is warning about filing a complaint with the ICAI on the ground that we hv not communicated with the earlier auditors before accepting the appointment, whereas the company has adequate reasons for removal of the auditor as the earlier auditor has not done any TAX, MCA Filings and have not even compiled the financials of the company for the past three years, the company wants to continue with our appointment as the auditors but the earlier auditor seems to create unnecessary hurdles, i request you to kindly suggest  ways so that the earlier auditor could be removed.