Articleship Excess Leaves

Yogeeswara Reddy (0 Points)

18 May 2022  

Actually what my query was i've joined my articleship on 16/10/2019 but due to lockdown my articleship was considered leaves taken from 03/05/2020 to 15/09/2020 i.e., 145 days approx. And after that I've terminated on 12/10/2020. And Joined another firm on 08/11/2020. In my SSP portal, it showing excess period to be served as 110 days. Even if we take 156 as leaves my leaves cross only some 20 Days but excess period to be served is 110. How is this possible😢😢 And if take leaves as 170 then Excess is 25 only and even those 145 includes all sundays everything. So when will my articles get complete.......... I've already missed 2 Attempts of Final.. Please helpp