Answer writting pattern in ca exam

Piyush Sancheti (HEAD TAXATION CHEMICAL MFG CO)   (307 Points)

05 September 2014  

Dear Sir/Madam, I heard from most of the students that "we must write answers in exam in the serial/arrangement given in Question paper and in order of Question No. and further if u dont know the answer then left pages blank for writing it later. e.g if i surely know answer of Q1(a), Q2(c)Q5(b) etc, then i have to left pages blank between this questions like for Q1(b)& (C) part i should left pages blank for answering it later." and if u dont follow this system then icai will rewards nothing for this Questions."
But i am writing answers without skipping any pages blank,in the sequence that i like or i m confirm for any question.
So i want confirmation from ICAI that whether the way I answering to question is correct or not???
please answer at your earliest. you may call to me on my cell No. mentioned above at any time.
please guide urgently.
Thanks & regards
Piyush S