Amazing story of a nobel lady

CA Sanjay Bag (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT) (3340 Points)

13 December 2012  


Oprah Winfrey: An amazing story

Can think about a little girl who was born to a single 13-year-old mother who was to survive on the streets? and what you could say if I told you that this little girl became the victim of multiple s*xual harassment before attending the age of thirteen as a result of which she become pregnant and give birth to a baby.

She faced other challenges too before attending at the age of fifteens. What would be her future? What if I told you that this little girl is Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest and most successful women in the US?

And also she is an Afro-American as well.

So, just believe in yourself MASIC can be happened at any time.