Advance welcome to ca final

CA.Karthikeyan G (M.Com) (201 Points)

07 August 2012  


Steps After Result :

1.Enjoy atleast for a week….please don’t think about articles now.

2.After a week do a indepth study about Articleship value in today’s scenerio.

3.Choose a best firm and join.

4.Do 2Years Articleship and please try to do industry internship in last 1 year in good corporate.

5.Simultaneously during Articleship daily prepare for final atleast 2 hrs.

Note : Please for atleast 3-5 days do a indepth study of Articleship and gather information from your friends,Seniors,etc.This is very very very very important.Getting a good exposure from Articleship is very important.

All the Best for the future endeavors…..Sure Pass...Please Keep your mind neutral..Good Night have a CA Final Dreamz....