Accounting Journal Entries of Differ TDS Amount

Jigar (B.Com) (135 Points)

27 November 2021  

TDS 1st  QTR.

Paid to XYZ Rs.5000 after deducting TDS Rs.250 (In Place of Rs.500) = Rs.4,750 By Cheque.

While Depositing TDS in Bank full Amount  Rs.500 was deposited and returned filed.


The mistake done in 1st QTR. was reallized.

Paid again Rs.5000 to XYZ after deducting TDS Rs.500 (of 3rd QTR) & Rs.250 (of 1st QIR) = Rs.4,250 by Cheque.

While Depositing TDS in Bank only Amount of Rs.500 was deposited and returned filed.


  • How to pass their journal entries ?????
  • How to adjust TDS Payable Account as per their QTR'S???
  • How to set  XYZ's Ledger Account???