A request to all the cas in practise



Dear friends,


We all are aware that present rules of articleship training of ICAI do not allow students to take free transfer of articleship and we all must accept that present stipend rates are too low. The average scale of stipend of Rs. 750-1000-1250 is not justified by any means.


I am well aware that all the members will not agree with me. But I am not posting this topic to do any agruments with anyone regarding what is right and wrong. So please do not argue here. But there is one thing we all must agree is that we do not have rights to harass anyone. So on behalf of all the students of CA, I hereby made a humble request to all the CAs in practise to do the following, if not already doing:


1. Pay regular stipend to your articles.

2. See that all the articles in office get same treatment and equal work opportunity

3. Do not encourage dummy articleship

4. Control the behavior of the rude senior office staff, if any and see that articles do not get harassed

5. I have noticed (though not reported) many cases of s*xual harassments in CA offices by seniors. This must be avoided at any cost.

6. Give proper reading leave to articles

7. I konw that we have to order the work to articles, but those orders must not have element of insult in them.


Remember that articles work under CAs because they are not trained. They may not be fully mature and they may not know how to behave. That is why they are working under us. So our aim should be to train them and not clash our ego against their ego.


Please do not take this message in wrong sense. I just want to tell you that no other person dare to tell you.


"There is not higher position in the world, because the highest position is the God who has created ICAI, who has created your articles and who allows you to breathe and you please do never forget this"