80ttb discount 50000 eleigibility criteria ?

herbsandchilli Trading (81 Points)

31 January 2020  

Senoir citizen (born July 1959 )  with income from other sources (all from bank FD /SB interest) close to Rs 685,000.

Already opened SCSS in Dec2019 for Rs 150000.

On Checking in 2 Tax calculators available in market none is applying the 80TTB reduction of Rs 50k .

I dont have any othe eligible reductions like NPS ,Medical insurance etc.

Bringing the the income below Rs 5 lakh will make me eligible for 87A discount. but calculator is not applying the 80TTB Rs 50k & showing taxable income 685000 less 80c Rs 150000 equal 535000 and showing  tax due around 2oooo+

What Iam missing ? (I have given the exact dob in calculator )

I could buy medical insurance or make a payment in NPS say up to Rs 50,000 if I feel I can push y income below 5 lakhs & pay no tax.