44ad (can we save tax like this)

john (LEARNER) (531 Points)

18 August 2011  

Mr. A is having income total receipt from brokerage & comission (real eatate) for A.Y.2011-12 Rs.400,000/-

And TDS from his brokerage income is Rs. 18000/-

Normally his Net taxable income reduced by allowable expenses comes to 294000/- Tax there on is Rs.13802/-

and refund Rs.4198/-


IF HE OPTS The Presumptive Business Income Tax scheme and fill his Tax return with ITR-4S,

his Net taxable income can be presume at 8% ie. Rs. 32000/- and that is below exemption limit.

and he will be liable for a refund of Rs.18000/-


CAN Mr.A OPT FOR 44AD Presumptive tax scheme & claim a higher refund)