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3b return and credit note

A.MISHRA (professional) (91 Points)

13 July 2018  
Dear sir,

I have issued a credit note in June month to
my party.

Now want to know how to adjust this credit note in 3b return to be filled in before 20th july?????

Exactly where to show , how adjust tax amount?????

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Vinod Babu (24161 Points)
Replied 13 July 2018

Less the sales return value and gst amount wih sales value and gst respectively.
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RAJA P M ("Do the Right Thing...!!!")   (115460 Points)
Replied 13 July 2018

In GSTR 3B - You ll less the Credit note value in Your outward supplies value...

In GSTR 1 - You ll show the Credit note details in particular columns.
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kemparaju G (29 Points)
Replied 13 July 2018

sir one more question if debitnote is more than its purchase how to adjust it for example if purchase igst input is 2000 and debit note cgst and sgst input is 3000 and 3000 how can I adjust this pls let me know

Vinod Babu (24161 Points)
Replied 14 July 2018

There is no field for credit note, debit note, advances received etc. then how the data regarding that has to be filled?

In GSTR-3B data has to be filed as net amount i.e. Value of Taxable Supplies = Value of invoices + value of Debit Notes – value of credit notes + value of advances received for which invoices have not been issued in the same month – value of advances adjusted against invoices. 
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saroj kumar singh (PROPRIETOR) (22 Points)
Replied 12 January 2019

I have another query related to this topic, I have deducted igst of my credit note from total igst payable but these all igst are from inter state  sales to unregistered person  so i have to put all detail in INTER STATE SUPPLIES which is more than that amount which i have puted in table 3.1 of gstr3b ,than what is solution of this query 

Mohit (Livestock) (37 Points)
Replied 12 June 2019

If I have made a sale of 1000 rs and issued a credit note of 500 rs, the amount of sale I will show in GST3B will be 500 rs.  Is this correct or something else needs to be done?


Jishad T (GSTP) (282 Points)
Replied 12 June 2019


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RAJA P M ("Do the Right Thing...!!!")   (115460 Points)
Replied 12 June 2019

Yes Correct.
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Mohit (Livestock) (37 Points)
Replied 12 June 2019

Thank you Raja Sir and Jishad Sir for the confirmation.

srividya (asst mgr fin & a/cs)   (114 Points)
Replied 07 August 2019

is the treatment same if we have to pay only GST reverse charge for July and no sale is made in july

Rajesh (Accountant) (32 Points)
Replied 29 August 2019

credit note value is more than IGST of Current sales (GSTR 3B) ie if less this credit note the igst go to negative value then how report in gstr 3b

RAJA P M ("Do the Right Thing...!!!")   (115460 Points)
Replied 29 August 2019

Show the positive value or equal value. Balance will be shown next month's return

Replied 17 January 2020

if i show the negative igst value in next month then  how taxable value be shown, proportionately or in full in which credit note is issued.

like for example

outward taxble value is 10000 

outward igst is 2000 and outward cgst/sgst is 3000 each

and credit note issued in the same month taxable value is 7000 

and credit note igst value is 3000 .

Now what is the treatment in 3B for taxable value and for igst tax

vinay (Student CA Final ) (30 Points)
Replied 17 May 2020


I have come across similar problem but our sales value(Rs.1000) is less than the credit note value(Rs.2000) which results net taxable value to negative(- Rs.1000).

But in Table 3.1 of GSTR3B return it is not accepting negative values . Please suggest me to avoid turnover difference between GSTR1 to GSTR3B.


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