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keshi (Student CA Final )     16 September 2014

11th attempt ca final not clear

Hi all. . This may 2014 was my 11 th attempt in ca final and I could not clear even one group. I decide to give rest to ca final and I want a job now as I have invested way too much time in it. I am 30 now. I have not done anything other than my 3 year articleship. I don't want to work in a ca firm. What should i do to get a good job? As I am finding it really difficult to get a job as a fresher now at this age. What profiles I can apply for? What should I do now?

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keshi (Student CA Final )     16 September 2014

Forgot to add:- My other qualifications include..PGDBA Finance from SCDL PUNE and B COM HONS from Delhi University.


@ keshav stop ca from today itself.. & forget abt past it is sunk live in ur present. do want u like most , think of it & start doing it , ur thoughts should contain only wht u like most , nothing else.

also koi ca ambani nhi banta , kiski ki naukri hi karta hai

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Jithin (Learner)     16 September 2014

Originally posted by : keshi
Hi all. .
This may 2014 was my 11 th attempt in ca final and I could not clear even one group.
I decide to give rest to ca final and I want a job now as I have invested way too much time in it. I am 30 now. I have not done anything other than my 3 year articleship.
I don't want to work in a ca firm. What should i do to get a good job? As I am finding it really difficult to get a job as a fresher now at this age. What profiles I can apply for? What should I do now?

Hi Keshi, the first thing u need to do now is to get into a job(to be frank,u should hv done it a few years earlier). As u rightly pointed it out, it maynt be easy getting a good job initially without any work experience. For getting the freshers tag removed, the only alternative is to find a job,whether good or not that good(but yeah I agree that u shld never join an audit firm,unless it is big-4 or something like that). As u gain enough experience, u can definitely move into better companies and better job profiles. Also pls dont drop CA after putting so many years into it. U can carry on with studies while working. Forget about the attempts. Just because u flunked 11 times, it isnt necessary that u fail in the 12th attempt too. Now u maybe thinking how u clear the exams while doing a full time job, considering the fact u cudnt clear CA even after devoting ur time fully 2wards the course. Let me say there are no hard and fast rules in CA exams or for that matter in any phase of our lives. My cousin sister joined an MNC after failing 5 times in CA final. She wrote her 6th attempt while doing job and cleared at a time when the results were a mere 3%(Nov 2013 exams). So anything can happen. Just dont give up bro. Forget whatever that has happened in the past and make a fresh start. I'm sure u are going to have a very good career. Just trust in ur abilities. 


rohit (student)     22 September 2014

Agree with Jithin. Now put ur CA on 2nd priority and ur Job first.

Any company might hesitate to take a candidate with years of gap in job. Hence if possible, get into a CA firm just to make youself regular with office culture once again. Keep searching for job in industry as this will enhance your prospect of getting placed at good level. And yes, try not to take up audit profile in CA firm as that may require frequent travels and restrict you to give interviews. All d best!! 

nitin kumar vijay

nitin kumar vijay (Manager(Accounts))     26 September 2014

Be continuing..... Bec’z ultimatly you will realize that Degree of C.A. is must to survive. My friend was fail 14 times and cleared both group in 15th attempt.now he is an established C.A.so don’t worry about many attempt but include these attempt with your experience and ability and do something more about strategy to fight exams.

Akshay Tripathi

Akshay Tripathi (Articled Assistant)     26 September 2014

Hello Keshi

First of all don't get too depressed, life is full of such difficulties. You must continue to give CA Final exams. Secondly in my opinion CA is just a degree, people made this two letter so heavy due to knowledge that our course contain. I hope that in your articleship period you well became aware of how things work actually.The kind of knbowledge we all get during this journey of completing CA is the thing that matters the most.You had that knowledge now just use that. Try to get a job so that your resume looks good or engage in some other practices that not need CA degree like Tax Consultant. 

Also Keshi , I have seen sometimes so Dumb CA that i can't believe that how did they get through the Final. Similiarly i have seen such fantastic Inter CA who dropped CA and now earning in lacs either through practice or through job. The point is , it always depend on you what you want to become.So just don't lose hope and keep going.

You have knowledge and  In words of a great philospher (Game of thrones) "Knowing is Owning" .

Best of Luck for the future.


keshi (Student CA Final )     29 October 2014

Thank everyone for their reply

ESHA AGRAWAL (job)     12 September 2015

Hello everyone I read so many comments like 12th attempt 15th attempt but ca could not clear..plz don't mind my words I m talking in good faith..i feel there is some problem from our side due to which it is taking do long bcuz if we study properly it does not require more than 5-6 attempts so either we should drop ca or we should find our mistakes where we are lacking bcuz unnecessary giving attempts and attempts and wasting our time is of no use...time is important..there are so many of us who make these mistakes so break this attempt chain either clear it or drop it
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Shobhit Jain

Shobhit Jain (CA)     27 April 2019

Hi everyone, I am engaged in guiding CA students and had personally guided more than 100 students till date,in case you need any help you can reach out to me @   jainshobhit1996 @ gmail.com

Sandip Goyal

Sandip Goyal (Risk Advisor)     29 May 2020

Failure is not success denied, it is simply success delayed. So, just gather all your courage and tackle the exams once again this time with more preparation. There is no point in dwelling in the past, just look at what lies ahead. Ahead are exams and you need to tackle them. Here are some small tips that will help you ace your exams-


No person can achieve anything in life unless he believes in himself. Belief is very powerful in itself. No matter what other people say don't be affected. Don’t let previous failures affect you. Half the battle is lost if you go with a dejected mindset. Just believe in yourself and give your 100%. You will become a Chartered Accountant one day.

2.A proper plan-

Failing to plan is planning to fail. You need to prepare a proper plan. You need to divide it into topics, subtopics and further. A good plan gives a head start to your preparation. Most students study without any plan and end up failing. Follow your plan with sincerity and determination. Complete your syllabus well within time. Spare at least 2 months before the exam for revision and mock test series.

3.Studying selectively is a sin-

If you skip chapters and leave a few topics you will end in trouble. The paper-setter is not there to prepare a question paper which suits your needs and preferences. He is there to test you. Anything can come from any part of the syllabus. Although you can give due importance according to topics according to their weightage but don't leave anything.


If you think that just learning once is enough then you are wrong. You need to revise again and again in order to retain it. Revision is as important as learning. Learning without revision yields no fruit. Revise at least 3-4 times. During first revision go through every concept and practise everything. During the second revision skip the repeated questions and mark those which you frequently get wrong. During the third revision go through your mistakes and analyse them well.

5.Mock test-

Just learning and revising is not enough to crack the exam. It is just a part of the journey. You will only reach the destination after attempting mocks and analysing it. Practising is very important. Mock tests provide you a real time interface to test your current knowledge and capabilities. It reflects your strengths and weaknesses. I recommend PREPCA Mock test series because it provides answer-wise detailed assessment report. Analyse those well. With proper analysis you will gradually improve your scores.

6. RTP-

PM and RTP are the most important material for preparation. The material provided by ICAI is the best among all the other materials. The AMA papers consists of questions from Practise manual. RTP will come to your rescue during the last moment. The ICAI covers most of the questions from RTP. Make sure to solve past 5-6 years RTP.

7.Learn from your mistakes-

Effective study is better than more study. Only you can judge your own performance, analyse what went wrong the last time and try to correct it from the very first day of preparation now. Make this attempt your last attempt.

I hope it helps.

CA Gopal Somani

CA Gopal Somani (Consultant)     27 June 2020

How to Overcome Failures in CA/CS/CMA Exams - By CA Gopal Somani




Gopal Somani is a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary. He is State level Ranker (3rd) in 12th and university Ranker (5th) in B. COM and AIR 34 in CMA Inter. He has started this Youtube channel to help the students in understanding some of the important and difficult topics in very simple manner...


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