Financial Modeling and Valuation

By Zaid Ahmed

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  • Video Duration: 4.3 Hours
  • Language: English
  • E-Certificate (On completion of course : issued by CAclubindia)
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Learn and become Master at Financial Modeling with a project-based online course taught by our industry expert who has served both MNCs and start-ups. This Financial Modeling Course will help you become a successful finance professional and help you in building fully linked and dynamic financial models from scratch for different industry types.

What you'll learn in Financial Modeling Course?

Here you'll learn to:

  • Apply performance ratios: Perform robust vertical and horizontal income statement analysis by applying various performance ratios
  • Approach income statement performance: How to approach the benchmarking income statement performance against an appropriate peer group
  • Business Forecast: Build Formulas and the key business assumptions that will help you derive the forecast
  • Build Powerful Presentation: Prepare Presentations, build Dynamic Charts and graphs that will help to illustrate financial trends regarding inflation, interest rate, etc
  • Create Revenue Models: Building the format of the income statement and Creating Revenue Models
  • Calculate the free cash flow: Calculate the free cash flow to the firm, create the balance sheet and work on the cash flow and income statement for the entire forecast period
  • Data Visualization: Work on interactive Dashboards and Various Data Visualization Techniques
  • Determine the Performance: Make budgeting plan, work on Projects and determine the Performance and suitability of your entity
  • Make business decisions: Examine the financial information in order to make business decisions
  • Make investment decisions: Analyze financial information to estimate forecasts for the industry, business, & economic environment in order to make investment decisions
  • New regulations and policies: Maintain knowledge and stay abreast of new regulations and policies in ✓ business law, taxation, financial reporting regulations that may affect investment policy
  • Present Financial Statement: Do Fixed Asset schedule calculation, Debt Schedule Calculation and Interest Calculation
  • Profitability analysis: Do Accurate Calculation needed for the Rates of return and profitability analysis
  • Scenario Analysis: Work on the Structuring the Financial Model. Do the Scenario Analysis necessary for the Business and the Investment Opportunity
  • Valuation: Find out the Weighted Average Cost of Capital and the Terminal Value and do Absolute Performance Analysis and Absolute and Relative Valuation

Why choose this Financial Modeling Course?

  • Conceptual explanations: Get an overview of the financial concepts that are required to be understood by the Finance Aspirants. You’ll learn from the conceptual explanations that command proficiency over financial statements and its various and theory behind the valuation
  • Case Studies: The Case Studies are specific and most commonly explain about Investment Banking, Private Equity and Hedge. The concepts are well explained through practical scenarios that support specific client requirements
  • Common pitfalls: Financial models are really critical. If you need to do effective financial planning or build a model, our video tutorials will make sure you avoid the common pitfalls and help you get into the top 1% bracket smoothly. Also, it will help you learn how to effectively use the shortcuts and tools that help in forecasting and to perform accurate calculations
  • Best practices: We teach our tried and tested techniques. We do not over-think or over-complicate the assumptions. All our Video Tutorials are made using the simple techniques and Industry secrets which we have followed for many years in the field. We have tried turning the quantitative cases into qualitative ones using Best industry-based practices in order to provide a healthy understanding to our Learners
  • Smart-paced: Making advancement in the way people learn. A Smart and self-paced course giving slow-learners the opportunity to practice while fast learners can quickly skim through. Every minute spent watching the video tutorial promises High ROI
  • Industry Updates: Our team of Experts are constantly hunting for updates in the industry. We revise and update our course materials if required. This is mainly to respond to the ever-changing needs of our clients and the markets where we operate

Who's this course for?

  • Anyone who's serious for a career in Investment Banking, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Equity Research, Corporate Finance and related fields
  • Business and finance practitioners who are eager to improve Excel and Financial modeling skills
  • Learners who wish to be Accountants, Business planners, Commercial Bankers, Executives, Managers working with Banks, Project Managers, Portfolio Managers, Risk Managers, Research Analysts, Strategy Decision Makers and all those who belong to the finance department in all types of the different firms
  • Anybody who wants to study the world of finance and who wishes to and jump in the money related decision making
  • Any individual who is interested to gain knowledge in this field out of passion or curiosity.
  • If you're somebody who is into numbers and absolutely enjoys the calculation part in spreadsheets
  • Any individual who is really committed to being a financial modeler and thinks he/she could go through this comprehensive course seamlessly

Course Curriculum:

About the Course Instructor:

Hi I'm Zaid, your Course instructor. Here's something about me

  • I’ve passed all three levels for CFA Program
  • I’ve Worked in the Financial advisory unit of a top-tier consulting firm
  • I have Experience in transactions carried out in the US, UK, GCC, Singapore, India, Hong Kong
  • I’ve worked in in Banking, Retail, Real Estate, Telecommunication, Infrastructure, Agriculture sectors. Worked on company valuations, due diligence analysis, impairment tests, bankruptcy proceedings, cash flow analysis, and more.
  • Part of fund diligence in multiple investment/M&A deals with sizes ranging from $2mn to $100mn

Terms and Conditions:

  • Total Length of Videos: 4.3 Hrs
  • Expiry: 6.0 months or 50 hours of viewing whichever is earlier from the date of registration.
  • Videos are meant for web viewing only and cannot be downloaded. Videos are available in Full Screen viewing
  • Course/Subject purchased once cannot be cancelled

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