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Is it Investing? Is it Banking? Is it financial investment in the banking sector? It is neither of these. Investment Banking is the business of raising capital for companies and advising them on financing and merger alternatives. At a very macro level, Investment Banking is concerned with the primary function of assisting the capital markets in its function of capital intermediation, i.e. the movement of financial resources from those who have them (the investors), to those who need to make use of them for generating GDP (the issuers). It is not one specific service or function. It is an umbrella term for a range of activities; the scope of investment banking includes all major capital market activities like underwriting, selling, and trading securities (stocks and bonds); private placements, providing financial advisory services, such as mergers and acquisition advice and managing assets. Investment banks are included in the security and commodity brokers and dealers groups. These major groups include establishments engaged in the underwriting, purchase, sale or brokerage of securities and other financial contracts on their own account or for the account of others. Investment Banking: The First Step This Book acts as a self-guide and helps you doing the valuation of a company you wish to value, using Multiples Based Valuation methodologies. • Trading Comps – Analysis of The Comparable Listed Companies • Deal Comps – Precedent Transaction Analysis This book is originally inspired by and is designed for the capital markets’ aspirants and participants. The book acts as the first guide to the capital markets’ aspirants who wish to make a fruitful career in finance or in investment banking domain and as a useful resource and reference for the capital market participants who quickly wish to learn the valuation of companies or refine and fine-tune their skills and compare the companies on fundamental basis for mergers, acquisitions, private equity investments, etc. This book is also highly beneficial for investment banking trainers providing various training programmes on valuation of companies. Contents of the Book are as below: Chapter 1: The Origin of Investment Banking (Pg 21) Chapter 2: The Business of Investment Banks (Pg 31) Chapter 3: Equity Offerings & Exit (Pg 57) Chapter 4: Private Equity (Pg 89) Chapter 5: Understanding The Financial Statements (Pg 111) Chapter 6: Valuation Overview (Pg 153) Chapter 7: Valuation Based on Multiples – Trading Comps & Transaction Comps (Pg 163) Read Testimonials on the book at : #pdf
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