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Accounts Files (in last 365 days)

xls File
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Excel2Tally (Basic) Version 1

Pass basic entries in Tally from Excel. Please read the "Read Me" sheet for instructions. This is only a basic utility and is recommended only for small companies....

Posted on 19 February 2020  (Downloads: 1672) Accounts

zip File
692 KB

Import Vouchers from Excel to Tally (Free Full Version)

A simple yet elegant utility to transfer data from MS Excel to Tally. This is intended mainly for small scale businesses, CAs and consultants to pass basic accounting entries in Tally using MS Excel....

Posted on 20 April 2020  (Downloads: 828) Accounts

xlsx File
1042 KB

Prepaid Expenses Tracker-useful for Accounting Professionals

Prepaid Tracker - most useful for Accounting Professionals This utility has the complete Prepaid Allocation with the minimum data input...... See for yourselves.......

Posted on 13 May 2020  (Downloads: 1172) Accounts

xlsx File
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Working for Eway Bill

Working for Eway Bill & Cross Check with Eway Bill and Invoice...

Posted on 18 September 2019  (Downloads: 953) Accounts

pptx File
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IAS 7 Practical Application Short Handbooks...

Posted on 24 September 2019  (Downloads: 106) Accounts

xlsx File
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Differences between IND AS and AS

Differences between IND AS and AS ...

Posted on 28 September 2019  (Downloads: 907) Accounts

zip File
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Excel to Tally | EasyTally (Classic) V 1.2.0 | Full Version

Import accounting vouchers and ledger from excel to tally. Please note that inventory is not included and will be added in the upcoming version....

Posted on 27 May 2020  (Downloads: 872) Accounts

zip File
2951 KB

Project Report 2020 with CMA

Make any type of Project Report or Balance Sheet with CMA easily. Input some required informations or actual figures of previous two/ one year's balance sheet. And this utility will generate automatically projections with CMA data. Have fun. ...

Posted on 28 July 2020  (Downloads: 745) Accounts

zip File
680 KB

Excel to Tally - Full Version V 1.1.0

This is the latest version of EasyTally (Classic), version 1.1.0. Features: Unlimited Entries (Limited by the maximum rows in Excel) Fetch Ledgers from Voucher Entry sheet to Masters-Ledgers sheet Auto-complete vouchers Auto-round off Validate ent...

Posted on 11 May 2020  (Downloads: 800) Accounts

xlsx File
47 KB

Term Loan Eligibility Calculation by Bank

This file contains DSCR & FOIR calculation by bank for checking eligibility of Term Loan request by customer. Also this file contains Bank CC Drawing Power calculation , plus various types of Bank interest calculation....

Posted on 22 August 2019  (Downloads: 1629) Accounts

pdf File
172 KB

TA Reimbursement Form


Posted on 22 October 2019  (Downloads: 412) Accounts

xlsx File
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Salary Calculation format for Small Firm

Salary Calculation format for Small Firms October 2019, SALARY CALCULATION...

Posted on 24 October 2019  (Downloads: 1716) Accounts

pdf File
523 KB

COVID19 Impact on FS (simple explanation)

Impact of COVID 19 on FS is explained in a simple terms, with easily understandable slides....

Posted on 07 April 2020  (Downloads: 356) Accounts

docx File
24 KB

latest and simple version of IND AS 103

LATEST AND SIMPLE VERSION OF IND AS 103:-Business Combinations and IND AS 110: Consolidated Financial statements as Amended by Companies (Indian Accounting Standards Second Amendment Rules 2019) and IFRS 3 and IFRS 10...

Posted on 30 October 2019  (Downloads: 309) Accounts

xlsx File
143 KB

Salary Sheet, EPF & ESI with Salary Slip


Posted on 28 July 2020  (Downloads: 1354) Accounts

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