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Impact of Gift

A chart which shows the taxability of gift from relatives...

Posted on 30 May 2008  (Downloads: 669) Income Tax

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Credit Derivative

A note on Credit Derivative...

Posted on 30 April 2008  (Downloads: 247) Shares & Stock

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Future and Options

A Compelete Study about Options...

Posted on 30 April 2008  (Downloads: 770) Shares & Stock

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New 3CD Form

New 3CD Form...

Posted on 12 July 2007  (Downloads: 833) Income Tax

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Tax Audit Checklist

Things to be kept in mind while doing Tax Audit...

Posted on 12 July 2007  (Downloads: 5906) Income Tax

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Posted on 11 July 2007  (Downloads: 739) Accounts

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Reminder Chart

Due Dates of Compliances...

Posted on 11 July 2007  (Downloads: 1448) Others

Certificate in Quantitative Finance IIM Calcutta Applied Finance(Batch 17) Live GST Course on GST Input Tax Credit (ITC) by CA Bimal Jain

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