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all NBFCs are required to submit a certificate from their Statutory Auditors every year to the effect that they continue to engage in the business of NBFI requiring it to hold a CoR under Section 45-IA of the RBI Act. a uniform format of the SAC is attahed herewith #pdf
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Format of Certificate of the Statutory Auditors’ Certificate (SAC) (On the letter head of the Statutory Auditors of the company) We have examined the books of accounts and other records of -------------------- (Name of company) for the Financial Year ending March 31, 20...... On the basis of the information submitted to us, we certify the following: (Write NA whichever is not applicable) Sl. Particulars Details 1 Name of the company 2 Certificate of Registration No. 3 Registered office Address 4 Corporate office Address 5 The company has been classified by RBI as : (Investment Company / Loan Company / AFC / NBFC-MFI / NBFC - Factor / IFC / IDF- NBFC) 6 Net Owned Fund (in ` Crore) (Calculation of the same is given in the Annex) 7 Total Assets (in ` Crore) 8 Asset-Income pattern: (in terms of RBI Press Release 1998- 99/1269 dated April 8, 1999) a) % of Financial As sets to Total Assets b) % of Financial Income to Gross Income (NBFC -Factor / NBFC -MFI / AFC / IFC may also report separately below) 9 Whether the company was holding any Public Deposits, as on March 31, ____? If Yes, the amount in ` Crore (Yes/No) 10. Has the company transferred a sum not less than 20% of its Net P rofit for the year to Reserve Fund? (in terms of Sec 45 -IC of the RBI Act, 1934). (Yes/No/NA) 11 Has the company received any FDI? If Yes, d id the company comply with the minimum capitalization norms for the FDI? (Yes/No) 12 If the company is classified as an NBFC- Factor; a) % of Factoring Assets to Total Assets b) % of Factoring Income to G ross Income 13 If the company is classified as an NBFC- MFI; % of Q ualifying Assets to Net Assets (refer to Notification DNBS.PD.No.234 CGM (US) 2011 dated December 02, 2011) 14 If the company is classified as an AFC; a) % of Advances given for creation of physical / real assets supporting economic activity to Total Assets b) % of income generated out of these assets to Total Income 15 If the company is classified as an NBFC- IFC % of Infrastructure Loans to Total Assets 16 Has there been any takeover/acquisition of control/ change in shareholding/ Management during the year which (Yes/No) If yes, please specify. required prior approval from RBI? (please refer to per DNBR (PD) CC. No. 065/03.10.001/2015-16 dated July 09, 2015 on the subject for details) In terms of paragraph 2 of Notification No. DNBS.201/DG(VL)-2008 dated September 18, 2008, a separate report to the Board of Directors of the c ompany has been made. I have read and understood paragraph 5 of Notification No. DNBS. 201/DG(VL)-2008 dated September 18, 2008. Signature and Stamp of the Statutory Auditor: Date: ____________ Place: ___________ Annex Capital Funds - Tier I (` In crore) 1. Paid up Equity Capital 2. Pref. shares to be compulsorily converted into equity 3. Free Reserves: a. General Reserve b. Share Premium c. Capital Reserves d. Debenture Redemption Reserve e. Capital Redemption Reserve f. Credit Balance in P&L Account g. Other free reserves (may be specified) 4. Special Reserves Total of 1 to 4 5. Less: i. Accumulated balance of loss ii. Deferred Revenue Expenditure ii. Deferred Tax Assets (Net) iii. Other intangible Assets Owned Fund 6. Investment in shares of (i) Companies in the same group (ii) Subsidiaries (iii) Wholly Owned Subsidiaries (iv) Other NBFCs 7. Book value of debentures, bonds outstanding loans and advances, bills purchased and is counted (including H.P. and lease finance) made to, and deposits with (i) Companies in the same group (ii) Subsidiaries (iii) Wholly Owned Subsidiaries/Joint Ventures Abroad 8. Total of 6 and 7 9. Amount in item 8 in excess of 10% of Owned Fund 10. Net Owned Fund

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