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Master Circular on Health Insurance Business

Last updated: 31 May 2024

 Notice Date : 29 May 2024

Master Circular on Health Insurance Business

Ref: IRDAI/HLT/CIR/PRO/84/5/ 2024 

Date: 29.05.2024


All General Insurers, Health Insurers and Life Insurers

Sub: Master Circular on IRDAI (Insurance Products) Regulations 2024- Health Insurance

A. This Master Circular is issued under the section 14(2)(e) of the IRDAI Act 1999and section 34 of the Insurance Act, 1938 read with Regulation 7 of schedule-III of IRDAI (Insurance Products) Regulations 2024.

B. The Master Circular shall be reviewed every year unless review or repeal is warranted earlier.

C. The Returns referred under this circular shall be submitted as per the provisions herein and the Master Circular on submission of returns.

D. All words and explanations used herein and not defined in this Master Circular but defined in the Insurance Act, 1938 (4 of 1938) or Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act, 1999 (41 of 1999) or Rules or Regulations made thereunder shall have the meanings respectively assigned to them in those Acts or Rules or Regulations.

E. In Order to remove any doubts or difficulties that may arise in the application or interpretation or any of the provisions of this Master Circular, the Competent Authority may issue appropriate clarifications, as and when deemed necessary.

This has approval of the Competent Authority.

For full circular please refer to the attachment.


Notification No : IRDAI/HLT/CIR/PRO/84/5/ 2024
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Source : https://irdai.gov.in/document-detail?documentId=4942918
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