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Dear Professional Colleagues,

A number of our members have from time to time been expressing interest for professional avenues in different countries. Many among these are those who would like to shift their base to some other country at least temporarily in order to practice the profession of Company Secretary there.

In keeping with the wishes of our members, the Institute’s delegation whenever it visits any country makes it a first point to interact with the concerned authorities emphasising upon them the competencies of our members and the potential contribution they could make if an opportunity was afforded to them.

We, in the series of our renewed efforts, took up with the representatives of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators [ICSA]-UK, the matter of transfer of ICSA-UK membership secured by our ICSI members after successfully completing the related examinations of ICSA-UK in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding [MoU] with them.

Good news now to share with you all !

A clear understanding has been arrived at with the ICSA-UK to the effect that an ICSA-UK member may transfer his membership inter se its various divisions. Accordingly, an ICSI member who has, and those who may after pursuing ICSA Course whereunder one is required to clear the following three papers, all other papers having been exempted in terms of the MoU :

 Corporate Governance
 Corporate Secretarial Practice
 Chartered Secretaries Case Study

may secure the membership of ICSA-UK.

Where an ICSI member, who has also secured the membership of ICSA-UK, desires to shift base to another division, say from India to Singapore, he is now eligible to have his ICSA-UK membership transferred to the Singapore division – Singapore Association of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators..

For the benefit of all concerned, given below are answers to some common question that are being frequently asked by our members in relation to the above matter :

Q-1. Which all are the divisions to which transfer of ICSA-UK membership be sought?

A. The divisions are -

(i) Australia
[Governance Institute of Australia, www.governanceinstitute.com.au]

(ii) Canada
[Chartered Secretaries Canada, www.icsacanada.org]

(iii) Hong Kong
[The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries, www.hkics.org.hk]

(iv) Malaysia
[The Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA), www.maicsa.org.my]

(v) New Zealand
[Governance New Zealand Inc. (GNZ), http://www.governancenz.org/]

(vi) South Africa
[The Southern African Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, www.chartsec.co.za]

(vii) Zimbabwe
[The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in Zimbabwe, http://www.icsaz.co.zw]

(viii) Singapore
[The Singapore Association of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, www.saicsa.org.sg]

Q-2. Whether a person, after getting membership of ICSA-UK, eligible for transfer of his said membership to any other division (as mentioned above) ?

A. Yes. A member of ICSA-UK may seek transfer of his membership to any other division.

Q-3. Is a ICSA-UK member desirous of transferring his membership to any other division required to pass any additional examination of such other division?

A. No. No other or additional examination are required to be passed.

Q-4. Are there any other condition(s) required to be complied with when transfer of ICSA-UK is sought to any other division?

A. Yes, there are few usual requirements, e.g. that the person seeking transfer of his membership is in good standing. Similarly, certain transfer fee is also required [which may vary from division to division]. For example, if an ICSA member in Canada desires to get his membership transferred to Australia, such a member would need to establish contact first with the Canada division with a request to intimate his membership particulars to the division in Australia. Thereafter, the said member may get in touch with the Australia division. As is obvious, transfer of ICSA-UK membership may be sought to a division to which one is moving. Such transfer and thereupon the membership of the newer division would hold good so long as the ICSA-UK member does cease to be resident of such division. Further, ICSA-UK membership can be held at a given point of time of any one division.

Q-5. After his membership transfer to another division, say Singapore, he will be required to pursue any other course and seek any other membership of such division?

A. No. Upon transfer, one gets the membership of the division to which his ICSA-UK membership has been transferred. 

For more details, while one may visit https://www.icsi.edu/WebModules/AboutUs/Courses/icsa.htm, it is always advisable, in one’s own interest, to establish contact with the division to which the transfer of ICSA-UK membership is sought.

Wish you all the best!.

Shyam Agrawal President

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