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sales tax - works contract - programming and providing computer software - consultancy charges - finding of additional commissioner upon scrutiny of books and invoices and profit and loss account that dealer engaged in application software developmen

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Developing and selling unbranded software, the authority for clarification relying on the decision in Tata Consultancy Services Vs State of Andhra Pradehs [1997] 105 STC 421 (AP) clarified that the peritioner was not eligible to issue Form XVII for p

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Goods appropriated to contract before commencement of movement not an exempt subsequent sale. Dealer applying to department in Karnataka for C Forms. Karnataka Sales appropriate state to levy and recover CST

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Freight Charges

  VASANTH D JAGANATH    09 October 2008 at 20:51

Freight charges forms part of turnover of dealer even if it is charges and collected separaely

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