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Business Expenditure

  Garima    20 February 2008 at 15:47

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Advertising Agency Commission

  Garima    20 February 2008 at 15:47

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No Artificial Price to Evade Duty

  Garima    20 February 2008 at 15:47

The applicant M/s Berger Paints India Ltd. is a manufacture of paints and varnishes which are the goods notified and subjected to assessment under Section 4A of the Central Excise Act, 1944 on the basis of MRP of the product. One of the products manu

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Clearance of Damaged Goods on Payment of Duty

  Garima    15 February 2008 at 14:27

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Profits and gains from publication of books

  Garima    14 February 2008 at 13:25

The assessee was engaged in the business of printing and publication of yellow pages directory. It claimed deduction under section 80Q in respect of profits derived from such business. The Assessing Officer as well as the Commissioner (Appeals) denie

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Tax on sale or purchase of goods

  Garima    13 February 2008 at 21:34

Appellant was an advertising agency, engaged in creating original concepts and designing advertising material filed its returns both under Finance Act, 1994 and Karnataka Value Added Tax Act, 2003. Assessing Authority completed assessment by excludin

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Assessee/appellant was a wholly owned subsidiary of Van Oord ACZ Marine Contractors BV, Netherlands [VOAMC]. It executed a dredging contract at Port Mundra for Adani Gujarat Port Ltd. in the relevant previous year and since it followed completed cont

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Decision of ITAT on Salary

  Garima    24 January 2008 at 11:53

'Stock appreciation rights' different from 'stock options' – redemption taxable under salary; if it is not salary, it is other income - High Court and Supreme Court judges are not employees, but their salary is taxable under heading salary : ITAT

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