You can get a transfer!

Akshat Madan (Articled Assistant) (40 Points)

30 October 2009  

One fine day You, Mr President and Mr Vice President went to a Hotel. The room rent mentioned was Rs30. You insisted that you pay the full rent, but the two of them insisted back and the three of you decided to split the rent equally. After having paid the rent the bell-boy escorted you to your room. You decided to discuss the transfer issue with the two dignified personalities.

Down-hall, the manager realized that he had made a mistake. Since the Diwali season had ended, the room rates were slashed to Rs25. So he handed over Rs5 to the bell-boy and asked him to give the same to you. 

The bell-boy was a former CA student. He was smart enough to realize the fact that it would be hard for the three of you to split Rs5 among yourself. So he took the Rs5 note and decided to utilize the five Re1 coins he had in his other pocket .

Having reached your room he gave EACH one of you Re1 and still had Rs2 in his Pocket.

Now effectively the three of you have paid Rs27(9X3) and the bellboy has Rs2 in his pocket. Totaling to RS29.

Where is the remaing one rupee?

Answer this and the two of them will allow you to get transfered!