Winner of human race

Kalyani (Student) (477 Points)

31 May 2013  

Winner of The Human Race


I open my eyes...ah! The joy of a new day,

No matter what comes happiness will stay,

I take a deep breath...I’m glad I’m alive,
The rest of the day is a matter how hard I strive.


I’ll go for a walk…no matter what weather,
I’ll walk in the fields...smell the grass and the heather,
I know I’m a winner...I see in the right vein,
To me all of Joy; a gain and a gain.


My work is just a game I like to play,
I love the hunt...the chase...the fray,
I welcome the challenge...I’m a smiling gladiator,
Impossible to defeat ... a laughing mediator.


When everyone says it can’t be done... just get on with it and do it,
When things get loose...roll up your sleeves and screw it,
When things become old hat...think and new thought to renew it,


There are always two ways... the hard way, or the easy way to do it.