Will CA students or other parties drag ICAI to court

jose.p (CA in service) (1676 Points)

03 April 2009  

You all may already have read out my post on "wthe real reasons why icai....."

So what do you think; that icai is doing this for us. They know how to put the wool into our eyes. Bonded labour has been illegal in India since 1976. Articles work under a contract with the CA. And now ICAI is unnnecessarily forcing student not to leav the contract as per their wish. Aren't they trying to bring bonded slavery again.

Why don't CG come into this matter.

Why wont sb drag them to court for trying to block the right to live with freedom and dignity and Right for equal emancipation from common Indian ca students.

Is it written in icai's rule book that only sons and daughters of CAs will be more chances than other normal students to pass or else their dad's office will be vacant.Only they will be not allowed to search for green pastures as "they will go to bigger forms without signing form 109; and garner new exposure" while normal students will have to live in their present sh*t like condition