Why chartered accountant cant be a successful enterpreneur

Ajit Jain (Professional) (97 Points)

13 September 2011  

Dear All,

I am a Chartered Accountant ( Nov 2008). I have a dream to beome an entreprenure rather than going into the profession feild.

I was attending a programme organised by ICAI. One member asked to a senior commetti member 'What is the perception of the institute regarding enterprenurship like others have ...IITs & IIM.

The reply was...we dont recommend any member of the institute to go beyond audit, accounts and Tax. Management consultancy can be the further option.

We are called to be 'partner in nation building'  why we cant become good enterprenue. We are hardwoking, passionate and we can think diffrently. 

In my veiw studying CA is not just gaining knowledge about audit, accounts and taxes, it also provide us the passion to perform diffrently. The only thing missing is 'Risk Taking Capablities'. Very few chartered accoutant go beyond Job and practice. Why we can't think diffrently like a enterprenuer to start of something own (not CA practice).