Where to edit the income from other sources , especially banks in itr1

jraju (Others) (279 Points)

28 May 2024  

In the online efiling of ITR1, the prefilled format is given , sourcing income from deposits and savings from our accounts . If the entry in the prefilled does not match, we have to provide the income from other sources, like the above in the online form.But there is only a single column left to edit that entry. The income from deposits were given separately, and the savings were given separately in previous years. Now the edit contains only one single entry.. Have any body seen this itr1, where there is only one single entry is given. For house rent etc, you are given all the columns to edit, like total house rent, taxes paid, out of the total , eligible amount of percentage etc are given. But in other source from banks, only one single entry is given to modify the entry there. The entry already in pre filled form is totally wrong. It was also one line single column figure , that is worked out or sourced out from bank records and form 23as.

Please say, where i could find all the details from where this wrong prefilled figure has come so that i could edit each item according to my AIS or 26as. Hope to get replies